Urania cds anyone?

Just bought around 78 CDs from a neighbor of mine. Many are classical with a sprinkling of jazz and old pop favorite's. But to my surprise I stated to listen to an old label "I remember their LPs" Urania. Many of them sound warm, open, and with exceptional range reminiscent of some of the old Mercury CDs.Are any Audiogoners familiar with the Urania CDs, and have you listened to them? They all seem to be re-mastered using tube equipment, and using the original session tapes. If you have not had a chance. Please go look for them and have a listen. I believe they are not available anymore and out of print. But I am sure hunting them down would be easy in a used CD store. You might well be very pleasantly surprised with the sound and the performance. Almost as good as putting on your favorite LP without all the fuss.