Uptone EtherRegen

Has anyone tried the Uptone a Audio EtherRegen? I just got it delivered, hooked it up between my ethernet connection and my Bridge II on the PS Audio DS DAC. This device reclocks and cleans ups the digital signal. I’m fairly stupid when it comes to all things digital but what I’m hearing is a huge difference. There is an immediate improvement, lowering the noise floor to reveal clarity. The bass in tight and powerful. My first impression says it’s worth every penny of the $640.

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I bought one used and when I installed it I did not notice an obvious difference right off the bat. But I have to say my system is sounding better than ever. I think the improvements are subtle, but everything adds up. I'm not getting rid of it. 
I bought one and tried it for 30 days (actually, more like 40).  The results,for me, in my system, were unsatisfactory.  It did seem to offer more detail, but at the expense of warmth, harmonic richness, and musicality.  Alex told me I was only the third person to ask for a refund, so obviously I’m swimming against the tide here.  He was kind enough to return my money, and was a gentleman about it.  YMMV.
Well at least you tried it @doni. But it did ALTER the sound somewhat, no?
Yes, it did alter the sound, just not in a direction I liked.  But again, I was only one in three (at the time) to return it, so I'm definitely in the minority.
If you want dead quiet streaming, go with a fiber network provider. If you have a copper internet provider, you can clean up the signal to your computer/streamer by using the Ethernet-to-fiber converter then the fiber-to-Ethernet converter for much cheaper with the same benefits. 
For me, I don’t have the computer in the audio room and I use the network interface on my dac, so if I didn’t have my 1G fiber network, I would use this Ethernet-to-fiber conversion technique in front of the dac