Uptone Audio LPS-1.2 Failures

I have read many posts in different forums where owners
LPS-1 and 1.2 have stopped working after a few years.

mine has just done the same short of 3 years.

Uptone should pull this product from the site so others are not waisting  their money.


I should add,  I've been using Uptone JS 2 to power a variety of devices for years, no problems whatsoever. Uptone makes quality products.

I know Alex Crespi at Uptone Audio quite well and have his LPS 1.2 which works just fine.  I have had connectivity problems with my Micro-Rendu device which actually Alex helped me sort out when I was at wit's end, in an extremely patient manner, I might add.

If the LPS devices offers no sonic benefit, it could be because your system is not revealing enough to hear the benefit.  If you have a problem with his gear, give him a call -- he will answer,  and I am sure he will help you sort it out.  He is a tip top guy in my book, among the many OEM people in the business that I have the pleasure to interact with, like Don Sachs and Clayton Shaw, two examples that quickly come to my mind.   Alex clearly does have supply chain problems just like everybody else.

Another positive experience with LPS1.2. Had mine for three years without issue. Also have two etherRegens and no problem. Alex is very responsive.

Would buy from him again. 

This thread is nothing to do with Alex. I believe he works hard like the rest of Americans. He cares about his company and wants to maintain a good reputation.

This is about a product that was sold to be paired with the Rendu, but has design issues.

As a network engineer it is amusing that how men believe they hear an improvement in a layer 2 device like the Regen affecting sound quality.
Same with the LPS affecting digital bit perfect square waves.

The LPS-1.2 is not repairable not only because of supply chain issues. It’s not a thoughtful way to spend your money to improve sound if you are all honest with yourselves. It’s an immersive hobby I get it and all the little devices are toys.

Per Alex the LPS will be dropped.

BTW/ - If you do own a LPS-1.2 and it’s working don’t turn it off and leave it off for a week

or more it may not work when you plug it back in.





Uptone literally sold thousands and thousands of both LPS variants. There is bound to be a small % of failures like with any other product.

The comments you see on the web about failure are sometimes indicative of how many units are out there - rather than if the product itself was failing at a higher than usual rate.