Uptempo "Say It" Roots Rocker in 2/4

Hello All,
Ok, I'm at the gym last night and I hear a song on their in house system. I went to the front desk just as the song was ending and asked the staff if the music was via Cable or if it was from "corporate". I knew it wasn't radio because they never have a DJ or commercials. She said they were Mp3's that they get from corporate. She gave me a look that said, "Why are you asking, are you some kind of music geek or something?" "Why yes I am, thanks for asking" ....hehe. Anyway, I'm looking for help in finding out who it was. I went to www.allmusic.com (my favorite resource for looking up artists) and I came up with over 100 hits when I entered certain song titles. I don't know the name of the song, but if the chorus is an indicator, the title is either, "Say It", or "Say you love me".
The song is an up-tempo "roots rock" style. 2 guitars, bass & drums ..... maybe a little piano filler. It's in 2/4 time. Male voice, deep and rich but not "gravelly". The opening verse has wording about "waking up, bad breath, bad teeth", also the closing 20 seconds he is shout/singing "Say It, Say It". The lyrics are quirky and offbeat in the style of Warren Zevon.
Please help this obsessive/compulsive proud music geek :)

Tgyeti ..... just tgyeti.
Geek on Brother!

Sorry I can't help with the song, but I did want to show my support to you and all of the other music geeks out there.

Rock On! And enjoy,

Great tune... Rodney Crowell, "Say you love me" from "The Outsider" Enjoy.
Good call winoguy..... You beat me to it. A great record. You might want to check out the one before "Houston Kid" it's even better.

Thanks guys! That's the song ..... good stuff.

Looks like he is well respected as an artist.