Upscale VCR component out?

With all these new upscaling recievers-can you upscale a VCR thru component output or does that only happen thru HDMI?
Not many VCRs that I am aware of came with component out. Most of the good ones were S-Video - at least if we're talking VHS. Certainly there are Beta SP VCRs that are component out....

In theory if you can plug it in to the back of an AVR or pre/pro equipped with video processing, you should be able to affect the image. It's chip dependent but you should be able to sharpen the edges, raise the contrast, increase the saturation and perhaps reduce the noise. All of which should improve - or at least "punch up" - the look.

You may be able to up-rez VHS to 720 though my guess is that there is really not enough there - you are after all starting with 480i and a lot of artifacts. Beta SP should fare better.
VHS recorded at 240-270 lines of horizontal resolution. S VHS faired a bit better adding to those numbers.

Unless your receiver can upscale the VHS' output, I know of none that will. Component cables inherently don't allow for upscaling, as a measure for copyright protection.

Upscaling today from SD to HD usually is via HDMI. Again, more Hollywood copyright protection, for them, not your own media.

I did hear of some digital VCRs a couple years ago... They may still be in production if you are seeking removable media recording... otherwise join the heard and get a DVR w/DVD recorder.

VHS' run is over now. Save for personal well (temp & humid controlled) kept personal media.

DVD recorders abound. Even your pc is one. I'd look there for future archiving... not to VHS... and I've got a couple hundred VHS, myself. I keep one around simply for the occasional playback.