Upscale Audio and Primaluna

spoke to aggresive salesperson who pushed prima luna integrated amps and other primaluna gear.

this was after i called to buy another component.  Anyone know about primaluna stuff.

all this guy did was tear into my system saying how deficient it is and that i should buy primaluna.


Sounds like OP was doing the same thing that he accused Kevin of.  I've been told the most outrageous things over the years, and it doesn't have to be audio.  Sure, you can tell me why I should buy your stuff and compare my equipment to yours but I don't like badmouthing.

Who did you talk to? I buy a lot of stuff from them if you were calling about amps or speakers  you need to talk with Joel. He is a very knowledgeable salesman. Don’t waste your time with the guy answering the phone. BTW PL is a good brand.

The fact is that professional salesmen posing as audiophiles make orders of magnitude more money than experienced audiophiles posing as salesmen.