Upscale Audio and Primaluna

spoke to aggresive salesperson who pushed prima luna integrated amps and other primaluna gear.

this was after i called to buy another component.  Anyone know about primaluna stuff.

all this guy did was tear into my system saying how deficient it is and that i should buy primaluna.

It’s called qualifying the customer. it’s a time thing. Time left in life, times spent selling, time spent on the phone, etc. the minutes tick by until none are left on the clock.

Always be ballsy enough to get in the question, in some shape or form, ’are you buying today?’

I’m not sure I like it, but, it seems like Kevin’s got it worked down to a science.

Each customer is gauged by the give and take of the opening moments of the conversation, and then the knife of the question is slipped in in whatever way it is slipped in best, for that particular scenario.

Sometimes the kill is a hair sloppy, sometimes a bit off, but mostly it works out well, re the salesmen giving up their time (life clock) vs the customers in audio who invariably want nothing less than to waste ALL of a salesman’s life.

This is not a  knock on this scenario and thread, it is just a open note or relvation of how sales works in a busy environment. 
From what I've read and learned, Primaluna is good but "top shelf"? Um, can't see that. 
@hilde45   Yep.  I think it offers decent value for money, but it is not "top shelf".  I've had a Dialogue One driving my second system for over 10 years now, and it just hums along sounding pretty darned good.  It does not compete in the same tier as my D'Agostino stuff.

If the OP can get over Kevin, he just might be getting correct advice for his particular circumstances.  Kevin does come on too strong for me, though, too.

Comparing Prima Luna to D'Agostino, is a very lop sided comparison.  The most expensive Prima Luna is maybe $7500.00 compared to D'Agostino which start at well over $10,000.00.
I agree with the OP.  I'm turned off by any dealer who feels the need to badmouth someone's current gear in order to hype their own.  I contacted Upscale a couple years back to get a tube recommendation for my Vincent PHO-701 phono pre.  Got some long-winded response how they couldn't recommend a tube for a product they don't sell, and implied it wasn't the kind of product they carried.  Problem is, they DID (and still do) sell the Vincent PHO-701.  Contrast that with Music Direct who spent 20 minutes talking to me about the different levels of AudioQuest XLR interconnects, and never once tried to sell me a thing, or felt the need to criticize my modest system.