Upsampling to DSD or DXD

I tried some upsampled files with Saracon , i know that
there is not quality improvement but convert 16/44 to
24/192 give a little smooter sound higher dynamic range
that solve some problems like (edgey sound ,
forwardness , separation ,... )a little ,maybe very little
but it is difficult to convert & store files .
Have anybody experience upsampling Flac or 16/44 to higher resolution like 24/192 , DXD or DSD with dac upsampling ?
Any experinces ?
Yes , i have, better to get the high reso downloads, much better sound when starting with 24/96,24/192 or 32/384.

Thanks for your answer
I agree , the high res files much better .But we can't find
any thing & have not a large list yet !
My question is about DAC upsampling .
Many believe to upsampling & some disagreed !
Sometime seems it works ,sometimes not , or to a sample rate
is good ,to another makes problem !!
Even maybe some DACs are good for upsampling,others not... !

I appreciate for any idea & experience with DAC upsampling .

Generally (if it done in proper way)

Can It help ?
or could make a littel improvement ?
or ...?
Thanks in advance
I feel , i am in wonderland ! ! ! ! .
honestly , i am a little scared ! ! ! ! .
t h a n k s .