Is there a player that will upsample regular cd's and also play sacd? I have decided that this is the route I want to take, but don't know if there are any such players that do both.
yes, the accuphase dp-85v is a one box player that does as you wish. -cfb
Where can I find accuphase? Please let me know.
wsjung22: where do you live? you may send me a private email if you wish. -cfb
The Sony XA 777es is an SACD player that upsamples redbook to DSD for a street price of $2000.
I don't think that the 777 has an upsampler for redbook, but i could be wrong. Can someone clarify this one for us ? If it does, i'll be picking one up shortly.... Sean
thanks for the input. The accuphase is way beyond my budget, so I may just wait and see if anything else comes out soon that will be more reasonable. I read the review about the Sony xa7000es in Stereophile and it may be a good choice, but I want to make sure that regular cd's will sound good on the cd player that I get. Has anybody heard the Sony yet? I'm also interested in the new Mark Levinson player but haven't heard much about it or the price of it.
The Pioneer DVAX-10 upsamples red book cd AND plays SACD, Multi-channel DVD audio, CDRW, CDR, ect.

They list for $6K but can be found for $3600-$4000.

It even outputs 24/192 on two coax digital connectors to be decoded externally! It has balanced & single ended analog outputs.

I have one and use it as a transport (It weighs over 50#!!) to feed my Kora Hermes dac for the ultimate sound!