Upsampling DVD player

Does anybody know of a DVD player that will upsample CD's (red book audio 16/44.1) to 24/96 or 24/192 like the MSB link dac does? I am considering consolidating some of my equipment to make some room in my rack.

Philips 963sa.Search for more info.Highly reviewed.JD
The Audiomeca Mephisto which uses Anagram's 24/192 upsampling technology.
Sorry Prpixel, Just noticed you were looking for DVD not CD. My bad. I need to engage my brain before putting my mouth in drive.
You did say "DVD" player?
Camelot Round Table MK2 It will up sample Red Book 16/44 to 24/192 and play all your HT formates

Contact A/gon member "chichiuno" he has the line and his prices are lower than a rattles snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut.
Most every new DVD player made today, even those under $100, boast an upsamplin feature, usually 24/192. As to if a DVD player, especially a cheap one, will sound better then a dedicated player or dac combo at the same price: don't bet on it. Don't get caught up on the bells, whislte and specs, they really don't mean a thing. If sound quality is important to you, avoid dvd players and stick to a dedicated CD player or external dac and dedicated transport :)
Right now I have a Denon DVD-9000 used exclusively for DVD playback. In addition, I have an EAD transport hooked up to a MSB linkdac III F/N for CD playback. I have two issues with my current setup. THe first is that I do the majority of my CD listening on my computer while working/surfing (B&W 805N's, monarchy class a amps, B&W sub, m-audio 24/192 soundboard). The second issue is that I need to make room in my main system equipment rack. I plan on adding HD sat, HD cable (I want as many HD channels as possible), and possibly DVHS. My thought is to find an upsampling DVD player that can take the place of of the current dvd/dac/transport I have now.

Posted by Socrates:
«If sound quality is important to you, avoid DVD players and stick to a dedicated CD player or external DAC and dedicated transport.»

I doubt you would find a better sounding CD player than the Philips DVD 963SA.
Believe it or not the $139 Pioneer player advertised in Audio Advisor is really an outstanding upsampler. It just needs a couple of minor power supply upgrades. I know a guy who does this (as well as selling speakers and crossover components) - he email is

He brought this modded unit over for a shootout and it is truly amazing. Very live sounding - more so than a modded MF, MSB or even the PT DAC's. Very palpable on vocals.


«I doubt you would find a better sounding CD player than the Philips DVD 963SA...»

Forgot the appendix: ...«in its price range.»