Upsampling DACS: Take the Pepsi Challenge

HAs anyone used 2 of the following 3 relatively inexpensive upsampling DACs: Perpetual technologies, Bel Canto, MSB Link 3 with upsampling upgrade?? I am trying to sort out the details of the new technologies. The Perp Tech can "interpolate", while the others do not. I am under the impression that the "24 bit" part of this new technology has to do with s/n ratios aroung 140 db, which is great, but a little useless considering the other equipment in the system. The sampling freq is the part that has me all aflutter, because it seems to be getting closer to analog quality "infinite sampling" if you will... What do you think? Has anyone compared these dacs?? Thanks, gang.
Hi, I don't agree with Tweak1 about the Monarchy 18B seriously outclassing the Bel Canto. It defies common sense if you think about it, i.e., older technology beating the latest technology. I used a modified Monarchy D22 for reference for a long time and liked it very much--but then I bought a Parasound D/AC-2000 and liked that a little better. Now, I have the BC and feel (with my Parasound C/BD-2000 belt-drive transport)that it is on a higher plateau than either the Monarchy D22 or the Parasound. The bass is excellent, micro-dynamic contrasts--superior, and the highs are both relaxed AND detailed. For the first time, I'm hearing analogue-like air from a digital source with ordinary CDs--I don't believe the Monarchy 18B (good though it may be) can match that. However, I will say that there are many factors that can degrade the performance of the Bel Canto--so if it was set up so as to perform at a disadvantage, than anything is possible, I suppose. The unit is transport-sensitive and benefits from being placed on a properly damped, isolated base. My advice is not to believe everything you see in print. Try to make your own comparisons first-hand in a familiar system, rather than taking a stranger's word (even mine) on blind faith. Regards, Plato
DCS is the way to go- period! Listen and you will believe - just gotta save up now...
DCS is the way to go- period! Listen and you will believe - just gotta save up now...
I have been trying out a Dodson DA217 MkIID upsampling DAC in my system and it sounds fantastic. It has MUCH better soundstaging, tonal balance (musicality), bass and treble extension, and resolution than my current Mark Levinson 36. The difference is dramatic and made my whole system sound better! I have a system with mostly Mark Levinson equipment and bi-amped Vandersteen 3A Signature speakers. It would have been better if I could have arranged a comparison of the Dodson with an M-L 360S or a dCS combo, but I couldn't arrange it in time. If anyone has an opportunity to do this, I would be interested in hearing of their results. I did compare the 3560S with a dCS Purcell/Delius combo, and I thought that the latter sounded better, but only marginally.