upsampling DACs

I want to replace my Theta Chroma HDCD. I'm looking at the MF Trivista upsampling DAC, Electrocompaniet ECD 1 and a couple of other newer upsampling DAC's in the same price range used. I'm looking for comments on these units compared to each other and to my older Theta. One BIG stumbling block I have is the lack of phase reversal on the newer DACs. I have all my CD's marked with the correct phase and it makes a difference , some cds more than others??? What say you?

thanks, mke
look at MSB Tech
Do yourself a favor and check out the Cambridge DAC Magic. I had the ECD-1 a few years ago. DAC Magic is at least as good. Plus it has the phase reversal switch.
I am second for MSB.
Aqvox DAC has phase reversal option and is a very good sounding unit.