Upsampling DAC will it improve over Alpha 8SE CDP

Hi all,
Just quick query to the collective thoughts here on the 'Gon.

I have a venerable Arcam Alpha 8SE CDP. I think it's a great player and has served me well. Made a few recent changes to my system, big changes really and would like to improve on the Alpha 8.

I see a lot of hype over the Dacmagic and V-DAC, they seem reasonably priced and I could dip my toe in computer based/streaming audio too, but will either of these or any of the other upsampling DACs improve on what I already have? I know the way to find out is to buy one and take it for a spin but I would really rather get what I need to start with instead of a lateral move. The only direction is up.

I am very curious to hear the opinions so let'er rip.
DAC Magic is decent, but how many inputs do you need? If only one, why not Scott Nixon Chibi. That would be in line with your player and would improve it greatly.
Thanks Celtic, I had a good little read up on Scott Nixon's Chibi DAC and I am tempted especially at the price. Just may have to try one; he offers a kit for $130 which is mighty attractive. I'll have to wager you on the improvement;). If I can get a DAC for $130 (unassembled of course) that seriously outperforms the Alpha I will be astonished, that said, times has the not so subtle effect of changing everything so I can believe there has been plenty of improvement in the last ten years or so.

But what about upsampling DACs. Are they night and day different or a more sublime upgrade?