Upsampling DAC fed at upsample rate

I picked up a Nova which upsamples to 24/192.

I archive my vinyl at 24/192 because I use digital RIAA and it also helps for click/crackle removal.

Anyway, what will happen when the Nova is fed material at 24/192.

I'm hoping...nothing, but sure that is not the case unfortunately.

The Nova is limited to 24/96. The Sabre DAC is capable of 24/192 though. There is a thread somewhere that explains why Peachtree decided not to take advantage of the 24/192 capabilities of the DAC.
Here is a link
I talked to Dave S. on the phone asking specifically about the usb as I'm used to using a Lavry and EMU1212M via coax or toslink.

He stated that it would be okay to pass 24/96 over Toslink or Coax as their usb protocol doesn't do anything above 44.

So, here's the problem. EMU cards can't switch on the fly. What I used to do was set the system at 96kHz and have J. River Media Center do re-sampling of anything less than 96.

I can set J. River to use "source sample rate" which will allow the NOVA to upsample 44kHz content, but what is going to happen when the NOVA gets native 96kHz material.....?

thanks for the link!