Upsampling CD and DAC's

It seems we'll have to wait for a more affordable Multiple format players (CD DVD SACD...) at more realistic price (machine and new expensive software) my intent is to go with an upsampling device like Bel Canto DAC or Perpetual Technologies P1-A paired to a) DVD player as transport (1st stage),b) dedicated transport (2nd stage). Could you comment on these options and any other you might think of to enhance enjoyment of current collection.(while the dust settles) Thanks.
Take a look at the new msb link dac III you can buy the upsampler chip for it for 199 and the dac for 399. You can do more with the P.T. but if all you want to do is upsample your cd`s the MSB link dac III is great on the cheap ,I have one .
My thanks to Drumsgreg for the info. on MSB Link Dac III w/upsampling chip. I was not aware that anything us mud people could afford was available yet.
Drumsgreg very interesting information. Could you please advise what cables are you using from the transport to the Link and from the Link to the preamp. Thanks for your time Luis
Luis, I use the DH LABS D-75, I know there are better cables out there, but they will cost you alot more money for a very small increase in peformance. But for some systems this will be worth me it was not ,so I bought the D.H. LABS CABLES, The speakers cables are D.H. Labs T-14 and the interconnects is the D.H. LABS BL-1. You just can`t beat them for the money,but as I said you can buy better cables,but thats between your ears and your pockets as to what is right for your system. Greg
Greg: The price differential vs performance is my way to go as well, as a matter of fact I've been far more rewarded by careful setup (vibration damping of components, accoustic treatement and power quality) than fellow audiophiles who think that putting the wallet on the system is the way to go and it's interesting to see the faces of some of them when they try to rationalize (acording to their phylosophy) the cost / sound quality we can get out any piece of gear by really dedicating time to details. Interesting your comments on the DH Labs. Thanks for the input.
luis, your right about all that you have said on setup ,clean power, damping control, the small things you do to your system make some very big improvement in sound quality for no MONEY. i just sit there dumbfounded when i see a system not setup properly, thousands of dollars in front of you and the guy complains that his system doesn`t sound right, speakers in the wrong place, wires not dress , every thing pluged in a cheap eletric strip,room brighter than the noon day sun. they won`t get out there and WORK the system to get what there looing for,then they just buy more stuff and do the same thing over again. we`ve all been there before, its like my dad said , learn from others mistake so you don`t have t make them ALL!!!!! GREG
Go into review magazine at the enjoy the music web site.On the right side click onto equipment and read the review :The tale of 2 dacs. The Audio Note 1.1 dac blew the MSB Gold dac out of the water.The 1.1 is an easy $700. kit and can also be had for $900. assembled. This just offers another possibility that you can entertain as this unit also fits into more listeners budgets.Happy hunting.