UPS vs. Line Conditioners

I was just wondering if anyone can maybe answer my question. Basically I just wanted to know whether a UPS has "clean" power going out or if running a line conditioner would be better. The reason I think this would be that a UPS would have regulated battery power out at all times therefore the only noise that would be present would be from itself. So then my ultimate question would be other than running both a UPS and line conditioner, which would be the best pick?

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Thanks for all your responses! The reason why also that I am thinking about having a UPS on my equipment is that my area that I am living in does have a lot of brownouts right now because it is a newer area. I just don't know how well that will go over with the equipment since I do have a hybrid tube/SS amp so I wanted to keep power outages and spikes to a minimum. I do have two UPS's and one is rated at 800 VA and the other is 1200 VA, they are both made by MGE which is a direct competitor to APC so maybe I will check with their tech department to see if I can find out more about their output on the units. The UPS's that I have are on a newer technology for the batteries so maybe there is some hope there. I am not really sure but I will check and keep you guys informed. Thanks again for all your help!