UPS is in bed with the devil,

I sold my speakers recently and tried to ship them UPS, which has a maximum weight of 150 pounds. Since they came to me on another carrier who also has a 150 lb maximum, I figured I was good to go and they weighed about 150 pounds each.

I was quoted about $100 each on their website but it wouldn't allow me to actually schedule the shipment for some reason even though I have an account. I had to schedule it via the phone, so they charged me an extra $4 each for using a UPS operator in spite of the fact that the website wouldn't allow me to schedule it.

They picked them up but brought them back 5 days later because they were over weight by 16 pounds. They then sent me a bill for $10 for additional paperwork.

I got another bill tonoght for $50 for an excess weight charge.

They picked them up, drove them to the other side of town, held them for 5 days, brought them back, and charged me $270 to do so when the charge across the country was less than $200.

Yea, I know, it was my fault for being overweight, but this is ridiculous. UPS sucks!
I feel your pain, but try to look on the bright side. They probably would have demolished the speakers had they actually shipped them to their destination.
You think UPS sucks, Fed-Ex has turned to crap with their new "Rules" for shipping electronics. If it is not in the factory box, max. insurance is $100.00 If it is in the factory box, maybe, and only after the 3rd. degree, $500.00 max. insurance allowable. At least UPS will allow me to buy proper insurance.
I agree with Eagle, just think if they shipped them and damaged them. For sure you would have been SOL.

I use USPS exclusively, never had a problem, knock on wood.

How could they have charged you for the shipping when they did not
ship it? Sounds truly wrong to me and I would fight them on that one.
And at least fight them on the $4 fee for talking to a human being (why
do we charge each other to talk to each other????????!). They can't charge
you if there is not an online alternative. Otherwise, you're just screwed
any way you look at it.

For something this heavy I would have used a freight shipper.
Try getting UPS to pay a claim!!! It'd be easier seliing a condo in Baghdad!
Fatjer - UPS may allow you to buy the right insurance, but when they trash your goods it is doubtful that they will admit their responsibility and pay off. And if you buy your insurance at a UPS store, you aren't even the one insured, the store is, and if you packed the shipment yourself, you have no protection whatsoever, it's in their contract.

During the delay, people whose main job is to deny claims will further slow the process while they tell you that they are inspectors, lying boldly to you and then lying about what they found in court. The UPS sleaze factor is just too high to risk ones quality goods with. They aren't in bed with the devil they're behind you and you're bent over.
Yeah, and they are raising their ground rates 1.9% the first of the year.
I have always had good luck with FedEx. UPS is an acronym for Unbelievably Poor Service
What can brown do for you? Absolutely nothing..........
It wouldn't be so bad if they had charged me an overweight fee AND delivered them, but to charge extra and then return them is not right.

I did look through their 24 page legal disclaimer and the fee is in there and it says it is their option to deliver them or not. So they could have charged me extra and delivered them. In any case, any well run company would warm you when you claim a weight close to the limit so you know what you are up against.

I now have a freight company picking them up.
It took 5 days for those morons to figure out they were overweight? If they picked them up in the first place, then what's their problem. I would tell them where they could stick that bill! Seriously, you need to speak with a customer service supervisor and get the charges removed from your accout.
Apparently there are some shipping companies trying to move into the American market to offer some competition. UPS and FedEx are all over the world, but appear to be blocking any attempt to let foreign competition into America. But granted it would be tough to move into such an already established market with 2 big rivals. But more competition should have some sort of benefit.

And don't forget there are other alternatives to UPS and FedEx (and the USPS). Here in California we have Golden State Overnight. Other states/markets may have similar companies.

Still, it seems very wrong that UPS would charge you the shipping fee when they never actually shipped them. I can understand a small handling fee similar to a restocking fee, but to not refund any of your payment is robbery. Imagine ordering something at a restaurant and they tell you they are out of it but charge you anyway.
I thought "UPS" was used to describe the color of their trucks: Ugly Pieces of S%!@!T.
They sure do make it hard to buy and sell used gear arrrrggghhhh!!!
Use USPS Priority Mail if your item is under 70LBS. We're resonably priced and we have made great advancements just in the last year or so by utilizing the technology used for automated mail for parcels. Granted ,as a Letter Carrier, I'll admit I make some mistakes but who doesn't.

I wa pretty happy using USPS priority until I sent a BAT pre, double boxed to Canada a couple of weeks ago. Unit arrived with faceplate bolts sheared off, input selector pulled out of chassis (connects all the way thru to the rear). Now we'll get to see if they handle claims better than UPS.