UPS insurance claim denial advice

Looking for anyone who has had insurance claim denied by UPS and can offer advice or share success story. I shipped mint pair of speakers in original factory boxes with additional packing and heavy duty tape and when they arrived boxes were beat up and one speaker did not work. Now I got them back in even worse shape and they are a total loss. UPS denied my claim because of "improper packaging". The packaging was OK when the speakers were shipped from England and the same packaging was OK when they were shipped to the selling dealer from the U. S. distributor. The boxes were OK when UPS accepted them for shipment and took my money for insurance But when UPS has to pay a claim the packaging suddenly becomes improper? Now I am looking for advice-small claims court? appeal to mgmt at UPS? or am I SOL?

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I feel for you. Been there. Done that. Try calling their corporate national complaint @ 404-828-4300. They'll ask you how you got the number but they will help you. They even sent me a letter of apology and a fruit basket once when I had a problem. Be persistent and good luck to you.