UPS doesn't just damage and lose Hi-end gear

thought this was pretty funny:

A $7,500 fur coat Mariah Carey donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been lost by the United Parcel Service.

The coat was en route to Mongolia, where it was to be given to refugees to help them keep warm this winter.

Animal-lover Carey sent two floor-length mink coats she received from a rich admirer to PETA bosses, asking them to donate the furs to the charity's annual winter drive to help clothe homeless and needy refugees around the world.

According to PETA sources, one coat was on its way to Switzerland, where it was to be packaged in a sealed container bound for Mongolia to be included in a Swiss Animal Protection Society drive -- but the coat never arrived.

UPS tells PETA the coat cannot be located and is lost. After filing a claim, the anti-fur charity will be reimbursed the full $7,500.

The other coat Carey donated did get to its destination -- Los Angeles -- and will be used as the canvas of a new anti-fur campaign, created by graffiti artist Marcus Suarez.

The coat will be used as a prop at PETA protests later this winter.
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Sounds more like some Peta executives wife is going to enjoy a nice warm winter.
meanwhile the refugees shiver in the cold...
I repeat myself on this but. There is a reason UPS's trucks are brown and doesn't the letters
make more sense now?
You guys have me worried, because I'm waiting for an amp to be delivered any minute from UPS. With my luck, I'll open the box and find Mariah's fur coat instead.
I'd have to agree with the description unbelieveably poor service. My incident certainly does'nt compare. I recently purchased a B&W HTM1. The shipper had Oops package and deliver it. Sure enough it was received damaged, tweeter dangling and majic marker covering up scratches in about ten different places. Makes me sick to think about the destruction of such a fine delicate instrument. Upon contacting Oops they demanded the item be repackaged and returned to their office for inspection. Sure enough this thing went half way across the U.S. and shows being received by a third party whom is neither myself of the shipper. Now they won't divulge any info to me demanding that I go through the shipper. Then they wonder why people go postal. I can't help but wonder if losing the item is their way of destroying the evidence to get out of making good on their mistake. Fortunately the seller is working wtih me to try an recover the amount it was insured for.
And rightly so I was to be worried. No damage to the outside of the box, but the amplifier glass was shattered, and it won't power on. Thanks,'re the greatest!
I have been personally involved in 2 issues in the past 3 months where UPS lost packages being delivered. Its Fed Ex 2 day Air for me from now on exclusively .
funny story- I'm in my mailroom at work sending back the guts of my klipsch sub to get repaired via UPS, and I ask the clerk for a marker to write "fragile" on the outside of the box. He says that I absolutely should not write fragile on the box. I ask why, and he says to one of his co-workers "jason, you used to work at UPS, what did you do to the packages that were marked fragile?" Jason says, "oh, we'd kick the hell out of those packages." So I'm thinking of my sub as a soccer ball, and ask why he would do that and he said "because our jobs were so miserable." So far I have not had any trouble with anything that I've mailed with either UPS or Fedx, but will never write fragile on the box again.
Something sounds fishy here. UPS is going to pay up?
I wouldnt ship a brick across the street to someone I didn't like using UPS. They would still take 5 days to get it there and break it.
Check my feedback, you'll see the last time I used those morons.
DHL regularly delivers in 3 days cross country on 5 day shipments.
11-10-06: Gibson58
..."jason, you used to work at UPS, what did you do to the packages that were marked fragile?" Jason says, "oh, we'd kick the hell out of those packages."

I'd think this was the reason Jason is no longer with UPS.
There are a-holes working for FedEx, DHL, UPS. Do you think they don't kick and throw packages around at DHL or FedEx?
Most of the operations are now automated in all major hubs at UPS facilities and the equipment used is really state of the art. The labels are scanned and packages are routed to an appropriate conveyer line according to their destination. There is minimum manual handling of packages. If you ever see how this is done at these locations, it is pretty amazing. Kicking packages will soon be a non-issue, since most Jasons will be working somewhere else because of automation of process.

I would think that if packages do get damaged, these would be the ones that traveled across the country by trucks. If you use air to ship for example from CA to NY, you decrease the chances of packages being damaged. Yes, it is more expensive, but well worth it.

There are plenty of carriers around for you to choose. Sooner or later, you will have problems with each one of them. All you need to do is insure the packages and know wich of the carriers is most responsive when it comes to paying up insurance claims. Insurance is only couple of dollars.

Do a search on audiogon for FEDEX, DHL or UPS. You will find similar posts on each one.

And besides, who cares about Mariah Carey's fuhr coat? Couldn't she write a check? No, she preffered to donate something she didn't even pay for. Now that's an effort!!!
Shows how much she cares for Mongolian refugees. And why did it have to be sent to Mongolia? Could have been auctioned here and the profits donated to one of the shelters here in US. Do you think there are no people here who need warm cloths for the winter?