UPS delivered new "used" vinyl

Living Stereo/RCA Victor Red Seal recording: Tchaikovsky Concerto #1 played by Van Cliburn, directed by Kiril Kondrashin..recorded at carnegie Hall.

Mercury Living Presence's Dorati conducting...Wellington's Victory...or course, with real cannons...I dont know how they stopped the cannon balls from destroying the recording hall..??
They don't use cannon balls, they just use shredded newspaper to scare the audience. UPS uses cannon balls, it's the only explanation for their destructive proclivities.
LOL..UPS has been good to me so far,,,,so far,,,
I know who guy whose new monoblock amps were delivered by UPS. Despite "signature required" service, they dumped two 80 pound crates in his driveway while he was at work. It was raining. True story.

The UPS drivers on my route throw everything on the porch no matter what level of service was requested or paid for. I would never ship or have shipped anything of value via UPS. The Pony Express would be safer.