upgrading - yba1a or dodson/naim cds11

trying to decide which would be the most musical an analog sounding with PRAT(pace,rythym and timing).I arlready have a yba2 older style and am now due for a upgrade could go with an out board dac ie. dodson or upgrade to the yba1a ..as well throwing in the naim cds11 as another option..does anyone have any experience with the above mentioned players in this field...thanks ken ps. my system is linn kabers active nbs miniserpent cables
The YBA1 is really a huge step toward the YBA 2 ( I have made the upgrade) I was really impresed by the souind of the 1: More detailed and controled than the 2 with better bass less boomy and more musiclike, and the mid/high was sweeter than the 2 without loosing any of the information. A really good preamp choice would be the YBA 1!