Upgrading Wadia 170i IDoc to new 171 IPod dock

I have owned for about a year now the first Wadia 170i IPod dock and the $280 ICAudio upgraded power supply and lastly am using the Kimber illuminations D60 cable going to my DAC, which is actually a Cambridge AZURE 840C CD player. my question is has anybody upgraded to the latest 171i IPod dock and was it worth it? My current setup using lossless files sounds pretty good, but not quite as good as a CD. So please, with my current configuration and your experience with the new dock, is it worth the investment - Thanks!
They were for sale on Music Direct's website for about two weeks, but now they have been taken off and are not for sale. I've heard they were recalled due to faulty remote control issues/programming. Hopefully they will be for sale soon again if Wadia can fix things quickly.
Just checked MD website - the 171i is back up for sale so the remote issues must have been fixed. Hopefully we will be getting some reports back from people who purchased it soon. I'm curious how well it works with the iPad and how the remote functions with the iPad.
The 170i was nothing but problems. Some click wheels didn't work, sometimes you had to undock then re-dock the iPod, etc. I really wanted to buy one, but it was just ergonomically inept. Probably the worst piece I've been exposed to in a very, very long time.

Wadia's not doing too well with the iTransports IMO. I'd stay away until you're sure the 171i doesn't have these issues. Sucks to say that, as I think they're a great company. The 170i really made them look Bush League. Hopefully the 171i won't be a repeat of it.
Interesting Kbarkamian, maybe you received a defective unit a 170i correct? Mine has worked flawlessly for a year without having the problems you mention other than a number of the keys on the remote do nothing at all. I guess I should consider myself lucky, maybe the upgraded power supply over the little wall-wart had something to do with it. Yes, much looking forward to anybody that has the new dock compared to the old. Thanks for your feedback as well the rest.

I never owned a 170i. I demoed it a few times at 2 different dealers, trying to force myself to buy one. I'm not the only one who had issues, as there were a lot of people here and elsewhere that reported the same thing. The problem was/is the software. Some models of iPods are compatable for certain functions, some models have all functions working, and some have no functions.

My iPod Classic was supposed to be fully compatable. Wasn't compatable with a single dock I tried, which was about 5 or so. My iPod Nano had the same issues.

I'm glad you've had no issues. Again, I think it's software glitches, not faulty hardware. As I said before, Wadia is a great company. I just think they really dropped the ball on the 170i. Hopefully every iPod/iPad/iPhone works perfectly with the 171i.
Each of the four members of my family that enjoy our system has a third generation iPod touch, just maybe, it happens to be this model of iPod works best with the Wadia? Still hope someone who reads this thread has the latest Wadia, really interested in their feedback.
I was an early adapter of 170i. With a C7 adapter I use a high quality PC and also a top quality SPDIF digicable. Never had a second's trouble and the sound is virtually identical to spinning transport into DAC. If someone could explain that -- and how -- 171i is superior I would look into upgrading.

The Wadia is a great solution for those of us who don't trust computers, don't think computer audio is there yet, or do not want to deal with multiple software, hardware, spirits in the ether issues, etc.

I am with Nglazer on this.The new 171i is $599 versus $379 for the 170i.Thats $230 difference for an added Toslink output a remote with a few more options that most people won't use,I just press play on my Wadia 170i remote and some times will skip a song and it's fine.They also talk about beefier power supply and better parts,I need to see an internal view for that.I don't think the price increase is worthy.
I am very happy with my 170i and don't see the need to upgrade.I will wait until the dust settles on this.
If someone could explain that -- and how -- 171i is superior I would look into upgrading.

Beefier PS may mean that its digital output may be less prone to jitter. I'd love to see some measuremens.
I should add when I first mentioned "not sounding as good as CD" to sounds slightly different than the CD. In fact, there are some areas such as the bottom end which sounds better through the Wadia and the top end slightly sweeter through the CD. Having the CIAudio external power supply instead of the little wall-wart supply helped, along with a good digital IC. So, bottom line, there is some music that may indeed sound as good, if not better on some recordings and others sounding better spinning the disk, so, the proposed improved new Wadia 171i product sounding better than the original says to me better than the CD, possible?
Nglazer -

Not being a smartass; I have to ask...

If you don't trust computer music, etc., what exactly do you think an iPod is? How did you get the music onto it?
Dear Kbarkamian, I ripped the files from my computer to my IPod in WAV format or Apple's LossLess Rip to the IPod which was verified as bit for bit perfect from the original source according to a Hi-Fi rag which made the measurements. I do have some Mp3 files on it that do not sound near as good as Lossless.
Wadia's iTransport has always garnered a wide array of opinions and, it seems, results.

I have had a 170 since the day they were available and like a couple others here, I have had zero issues with using it, I use an iPod Classic.

Also, some report not getting as good results as they do with their CDP. When I purchased my 170 I was using a Meridian G08 CDP and spent a lot of time comparing, in various ways. In the end I could not distinguish between the two if blind folded. My personal opinion is that results vary based on the DAC used and one is best served by using a DAC that does a great job at re-clocking the signal, if so one will garner great results. (My opinion.)

I can't imagine having to go back to a stand alone CDP again.

Disagreements about function and performance of the iTransport have been around since day one, I do not see that changing.
Dear Brian, you may have answered my original question about upgrading my 170i to the 171i transport. Does the new product sound better than the 170i? Like you said, with a good DAC you could not tell the difference between the CDP and the iDoc yet the On-Line dealer info said the new product plain sounded better, to sound better than what we have leaves me with the interpretation that it would sound better than the CD, maybe it's possible, but it leaves me with a sense of doubt. Sure it has a better remote and features, all of which I have no need. Lastly, I too love my iDoc as a music server with my IPod, i rarely play disks, only when I receive a new one and take a listen on my CDP to decide if i want to RIP it to my IPod. Thanks for your help!
Rpg, I have had the exact same questions as you about it, with my thoughts being, given paired with a good re-clocking DAC and if it does sound better, why? That said, the better remote does interest me, but it would be a heavy price to pay for a better remote.

When you say, "...leaves me with the interpretation that it would sound better than the CD, maybe it's possible, but it leaves me with a sense of doubt."; I am not sure what you mean by that.
Brian, i read in a well known rag that the reviewer could not tell the difference between his 170i Doc and his 7K CDP playing the same disk he ripped to his IPod. So when I read in a mail order mag that the new 171i sounded better, how could it be? I think there is a huge factor here and that is the quality of your DAC. Right now, I can not tell the difference between my CDP and 170i, so if the new Doc sounds better, it raises an eyebrow. By the way, you can purchase just the improved remote, contact a dealer or Wadia.
Rpg, I follow you now.

Was the review apples-to-apples? Was he reviewer using a separate DAC or the one in the CDP for compare.

Also, a thought is that you can store the music via iTunes using error correction and receive consistent and possibly better results.

There is much more to digital than I know for sure; I recall a reviewer reviewing a very expensive transport, around $15k I believe, and he found that without question a transport can make a difference, I don't know the "why's", but like you have questions.

What I do know is that I achieved equal results using my 170 and DAC when compared to my CDP, enough for me at this point.

Thanks for the tip on the remote.
I just bought the new Wadia 171i today. I have not had much time to do in depth auditions at home but have encountered problems with the remote control. i have the latest gen itouch (i think gen 4??) which i rec'd for xmas. the remote works 75% of the time with ability to choose songs and navigate menus if within the first 2 minutes. then after that, about 90% of the time you can move fwd or reverse within that specific album or play list only. sometimes, there is no response at all. my ipod video gen 5 will not work at all on this dock which i found out b4 i bought it from testing at my local dealer. from the earlier posts above, sounds like Wadia is aware of this and has halted sales??? i think i'll be returning mine for sure then. this was my alternative to getting into vinyl and buying a room full of records to replace my ipod and cd collection. could have been so nice if this would just work like it's supposed to!
Sounds like they went to shipping too early. In another post a member said they would stick with their 170i until the bugs were worked out of the 171, I think that was a smart choice. I remember Wadia was a bit late in shipments of the 171i and that there was an earlier hold on sales. I agree with you, I would return the unit and perhaps wait a couple of months, I'm sure Wadia is working on this feverishly. I know I'm going to wait a long time, I'm quite happy with my 170i.
I was in contact with Burson Audio and they have some cheap voltage regulator upgrades that can be used on the 170i that improve its performance, no need to update to 171 unless you need iphone/ipad connection.
Naggots, I'm using the optional CIAudio V9.0 power supply $275 with my 170i, I don't think it made as huge a difference as the dealer claimed, however there was slight improvement over the wall-wart. Will these voltage regulators you speak of still provide an improvement even though I significantly upgraded the power supply? Do you have more specifics about these regulators and their installation? I'm quite handy with a soldering iron, is this something I can do myself or does Burson require you send in the unit? Thanks, I'm interested in learning more about this!
The quality of the power to the chip in the Wadia ultimately comes down to the regs on board. Cleaner supply upstream can only improve so much. Burson regulators are much better and not that expensive, built for DIY, open up the 170i and have a look at the Burson website, $40 is great value DIY.
Naggots, where can I learn how to open the Wadia? Is it something you can explain? I know I can most likely replace the components It's just not clear to me how to open the box - please help, thanks!

I used the Wadia 170 with the full caboodle of musical fidelity x series - dac, psu, 10D, tone through my Muscial Fidelity A1008 integrated amp and it sounded good! Then I got the Krell KID, that used the iPod's dac and it absolutely flogged the Waida and MF set-up, day and night comparison, no contest.
Get the KID!, it already has a remote and it works too.
I have the 170 and never had an issue with it. My kids use there i pods and I use my I phone . I have had people over that are into audio and the can not tell the difference, You have to have a reference dac to bring it all out. When the family is out shopping I will go to pandora put in george gershwin crank it up and be amazed wow Steve
My Wadia 171i won't work with my new iPhone5 and I think I broke the pins on the removable dock. It's a junk.
This may have come up before, but I just tested my Wadia 170i Transport using my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 with Lightning connectors. I used the Apple 30-pin to Lightning adaptor. I was able to get digital signal output from the Wadia's SPDIF output without any difficulty. I was worried, because I lost my old iPod with its 30-pin connector. But all my music is still available... Even the remote works!
thanks for reporting on the tdownes; I was actually wondering if that was going to work!
Hi guys just got delivery of the wadi a 170i transport sound great for about 1/2 second than no sound .I using my iPhone 5s.please help it sound so good for that second