Upgrading VPI Dyna 17D2 Dyna P-75 AR LS-3?

Interested in upgrade ideas for my current analog set up. I'm running a VPI Aries (Black Knight platter) with JMW 9/Dyna 17D2 cartridge into the Dyna P75 phono stage, which is connected to Audio Research LS-3 line stage. The turntable is placed on a Gingko Cloud 11 isolation platform. Other system details available on my profile. Most of my listening is acoustic jazz, classical, bluegrass, Irish, alt-country.

While I enjoy this rig very much, what I'm after is increased bass response, soundstaging, and warmth. What would the next logical steps on the upgrade path be? What is the weak link at this point? Tone arm? Phono stage? By the way, the Dyna cartridge is working fine, but it's a few years old now, and probably due for replacement soon.

Thanks for any input and/or insights.

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Replacing the tonearm and/or phono stage will give you the most bang for your buck.

BTW, cartridges are replaced after hours of use not years of ownership in most cases. There are instances when the suspension fails but that is very rare.

It's doubtful your Dyna needs replacing.