Upgrading Turntables. Stick with Rega?

So I'm new to here, but I think I have the bug that is referred to as being an "audiophile" By the way; I'm not entirely sure if I'm comfortable with the term. Can't I just love good quality music? I guess I am admittedly becoming more obsessed with every passing day. Anyways, I'm planning on upgrading my Turntable. It's time. I've spent a fair amount of time on a recent Rega P2 with my own Sumiko Pearl MM that's on loan from a dealer near me. I love it to be honest. I had a Denon 35f prior, so this is a big step up for me. 

So, what I'm looking for is advice on what's best for my budget. It's around 1k and preferably less. 

I know that I don't want anything by Pro-Ject, and probably Music Hall. The Carbon, and 1xpression classic just don't do it for me. I'm not crazy for the Ortofon Red either. I much prefer the Sumiko Pearl. 

Being very fond of the Rega P2 I'm thinking it would make the most sense to just stay with Rega for now. But, should I stay with the P2? I'm not sure about the auto bias adjustments on the rb220, but being relatively inexperienced is this even a valid concern? I like everything I've seen on the newest P3, but again, being relatively inexperienced, would I likely even notice the benefits from the P3? 

Im considering getting an older Rega table, but I can't really decide, and the dealer I live closest to very rarely has the older Rega's in to demo. What would someone who's familiar with Rega recommend to someone who's forming a budding relationship with Rega? I wouldn't mind upgrading as time went on, but I'd like to at least start with a Planar 2 due to the base features being a step above the 1.  

Or or maybe there's another turntable manufacturer aside from Rega worth looking into that can provide the same quality for the same price? 

Any advice is helpful, even simple "Just stick with what you have and stop posting long drawn out discussions asking very simple questions" 

I know at this point that I plan on staying analog for a long time. I'm actually thinking about getting home to play some new records I got in the mail today!! 

Thanks for your time. 

If you like the Rega, get yourself a Rega. If you don’t mind used there are a few P3’s here for good prices now.
Regas are good at what they do - play LPs.  A set it and forget it turntable.  I have owned a P5, P7 & a P9; all very good at their price points.  Regas knock is the adjustability of the TT.  No VTA without putting spacers under the arm, no azimuth adjustment for that last little bit of music extraction, and the lightweight plinth. For your budget I would stay within the Rega lineup - user friendly tables.  I suggest spednig 1/3 of budget on cartridge and the remainder o n the TT. 
Rega has it own sound so if you like it go with that. I own a P7 and I paid just a little over what you want to spend (it was a good deal) but the beauty of the P7 is there is nothing you really need to upgrade other than a spacer if you need them. I don’t fret over a millimeter with VTA. So I put money in the cartridge and kept upping the phono stage over time. Bang for your buck I would consider a used P3 and getting the best cartridge you can within your budget. Oh and spend $50 on a protractor. I use an AVID, set it, forget it, and listen to music.
Azimuth adjustment is often the difference the difference between good and sucks . And easy to do by ear if you can easily move up and down a bit .
On Rega its a PITA . IMO you also need to send a Rega out to have the tone arm rewired before you play a record with those crappy clips they use .
I owned several .
I was in the pretty much same situation a few years ago - went from a Denon to a Rega P3-24 with a Rega Exact, and loved it. I eventually wanted to go up to the next step, and was patient, and bought a highly upgraded RP3 (full Cardas rewire, TTPSU, all the top of the line Groovetracer stuff, etc.) here on Audiogon for a great price. I put a new Exact on it, and I am pretty much set - sounds fantastic, and unless I am willing to upgrade all my other gear, all I think I need. Good luck with whatever you decide.