Upgrading Turntable


I am looking to upgrade my turntable, I currently have a Project Expression III, and I'm looking to put together a short list to audition.

Right now I'm thinking of Clearaudio Concept, Rega RP6, and VPI Traveler. I'm a little new to analogue, and actually to Hi-Fi in general, got my first system about 7 months ago. So any advice or suggestions about waht to look for in a turntable would be greatly appreciated. My budget is around $2000.

Thanks for reading
Look for a used Basis
Personally, I think the Traveler is a great bargain. Also, VPI will absolutely give you supper after sale support, is made in USA, and has great trade-in value when/if you ever feel the need to move on.
You could find a Well Tempered table in that range. A new Simplex or a used Amadeus ( tho you don't see those often)
If VPI gives you "supper" after you buy one of their tables, count me in. That's a great perk.
I just walked the exact path you mentioned above. My opinions and listening experiences / evals are listed here:


Also don't like how the new motor location caused belt squeak on the Traveler.

You might do a little long-term planning that answer questions like: Do you like to keep spending money on periodic upgrades to tonearms, and TTs, and speed controllers, or do you want to make one upgrade to an analog front end that you could live with until you pass?

The periodic upgrades are expensive and time consuming. Find out what you can learn from listeners that have already taken the path.

Understand the importance of speed stability (maintaining constant speed at the proper speed); what is low level sound reproduction and how it is attained; what are exceptional values in tonearms; purchasing new versus used. From my observation, many analog listeners overlook the importance of constant speed.

You might want to read Dougdeacon's threads here on Audiogon with regard to speed and neutral sound reproduction, and Arthur Salvatore's website for an understanding of the fundamentals of quality equipment and how to spend your money prudently.

Learn about Lenco turntables (Lenco Heaven site), and visit the Transfi Audio site.

When finished, you should have an understanding of that which you seek.
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I get the impression from your post that you are looking to buy new. I rarely give advice but since you are "new to analogue, and actually to Hi-Fi in general," I would tell you that turntables get upgraded frequently. Consider buying used. There are incredible deals on Audiogon for tables that were many times your budget selling used for pennies on the dollar.
Also, when you decide to upgrade again, which is likely, you will recover a larger portion of your original investment. FWIW
I like the Traveler. Also consider Avid's Ingenium and Consider Sota's new Comet 4. It comes in wood finish and Rega 303 arm. I have one on loan for review and its very good for the money. For more money consider the Origin Live Aurora and Origin Live Silver arm combo. Cheers.
I went from a Pro-ject Expression I to a HW-19 mkiv. Excellent jump, deeper base, wider soundstage. A good used one will run 1200.00 or so with arm depends on how long you want to look.

Also you may want to upgrade your photo stage if you upgrade the TT
I'm with Lindisfarne, but would supper suffice in lieu of service? Give a man supper and he eats it once, give a man good warranty service and he might get hungry but his item gets fixed. Also, I love my Linn Basic/Akito table but have also been looking at replacement possibilities and, although the Rega RP6 with the TTPSU appeals to me, I'm bothered by the lack of VTA adjustment as even my local Rega dealer says the recommended cartridge is bright. Spacers seem like a lame solution when there are lots of options in that price range that allow useful VTA tweeking. I can't find anything about a Comet 4 so that must be very new...the search continues.
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Redglobe, By all means, "learn" from Arthur Salvatore, but don't swallow his opinions hook, line, and sinker. He is humanly fallible in that regard, as we all are.
What does he serve for supper? I bought 2 basis tables and never got supper from AJ!