Upgrading tubes in DAC

Hi ,

I use the Metronome C1Amk3 DAC and want to upgrade/replace the standard tubes (ecc83 type). I want an even more liquid and natural sound and was thinking of getting the Mullard cv4004's.

Anyone can reflect on this?


Renaat Mattheus
I liked the Mullards,and preferred the military 4004/8137s to the standard 12ax7s.They have greater extension on their top-end.
if you want a "softer" sound you might be better off with a ge 5751 black plate from the 60's, or before that.

if your dac can accept any 12 volt tube, i have found the 5814 tube to be kind to the ear. i have an alpha dac and i use ge 5814 black plate.

if you want to go with mullard tubes, look for early mullard (1950's) long plate.