Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's

I’m considering upgrading from the Model 1’s to Mani 2’s. I’ve read most of the forums here on A’gon regarding the Mani’s and the one thing that they all pretty much have in common is that you need a lot of power (and current) to drive them. I’m currently running a Plinius 9100 for my Model 1’s which is rated at 120 W per side (around 200 W @ 4ohms). I’m also running the Plinius on 220v which has opened it up considerably and gives the bass a lot more punch (something I know I'll need for the Mani's). My room size is approx. 15 x 22 and my listening position is about 16 feet from the speakers. I normally listen at a moderate volume (10 o’clock is loud for me and 12 o’clock pretty much drives me out of the room). I know the old adage that you can always get a bigger amp, but if I’m going to spend several thousand on a speaker upgrade I’d rather not turn around and spend several thousand more on upgrading the amplifier as well (at least not right away). In addition I'm very pleased with the 9100 and like the Plinius sound very much. So what do you think Mani 2 owners? Am I living in a bubble thinking that the 9100 has the juice or based on my room size and listening habits will the 9100 do the job for me?
Well I did the deed...I bought the Mani's...so now I'll have the opportunity to find out for myself. Thanks everyone very much for your input. Can't wait for the fun to start.
congrat's! what stands are you using with them?
I have owned the M2s for some years now, and have enjoyed them with different amps. A pair of Cary 300Bs was magical although at low levels. Read SF's review of the M2s and their comments on the Cary match. I also enjoyed the Pass Aleph 5. Now I am running a McIntosh MC-275-IV and couldn't be happier. I supplement them with a REL Stadium III and its a great combination. Plenty of power.
Currently I have 24” Plateau V series stands (4 post stands that are similar to Totem’s). They’re good and heavy and filled with sand and do a good job with my Model 1’s. So I guess I’ll start there. I have learned that stands make a HUGE difference so I may look at the Totem T4L stands (or other alternatives) down the road. Those solid marble stands that Telemarc is using sure look interesting, but I hate to think what they cost! Telemarc, if you're still on board, maybe you could give us a little more info. For that matter the T4L’s are pretty expensive as well. Seems like that would be a good topic for another thread.

Tumbler, I’m glad to hear that you’ve had good success with “low” powered amps. I’ve never gone the tube route, at least in amplification, but I’ve considered it many times. I have a Velodyne DD12 sub that I currently use with my Model 1’s so I’ll have that to play around with too. It’s crossed over at about 90Hz with my Model 1’s but I’m thinking that I’ll have to go a lot lower with the Mani’s. Maybe around 30Hz. Any thoughts?
The stands were mads by a local guy on Vancouver Island and cost 600.00 dollars canadian.