Upgrading to Nagra Classic Integrated Amp or Nagra Classic DAC First?

Hi everyone,

I recently heard Devore Gibbon X with Wavac pre/amp and Nagra Classic DAC.  The system spooked me because it sounded so “real”!  I absolutely loved it!

A week later, I took the Devore home.  After the speakers were set-up with Pass Int-30A and Aqua La Scala Optologic (with Millard 6201), I found the realism and sound stage lacking.  My Pass and Aqua already performed handsomely but the Nagra and WAVAC is a comcompletely different level.

Since I really want the Nagra Classic DAC, I have decided to upgrade to Nagra Classic Int as well.  I can only do one upgrade at a time.  Should I upgrade to the Nagra Classic DAC first or the Nagra Classic Int?  

I would do amp/speakers unit first regardless of brands.
You should see if the dealer will give you a short term loan of both pieces of Nagra gear. Then you can hear in your system which you would like to upgrade first.

If you just bought the Devore from him, and you are goign to buy the Nagra from him as well, he should be willing to do this.

The Nagra gear, which I have heard many times in a familiar system, is top notch, so hard to say which piece will make the most difference in your system.
Thank you, inna.


My local dealer only has the DAC not the Classic Int which I am also interested in.  So I won’t be able to compare each component alone...
You should get an in home demo of the Nagra DAC and that should help you decide.