Upgrading to AZ Silver Reference II

Due to upgrade bug, Iam looking to change my Acoustic Zen Matrix reference II ICs to Silver Reference II. My setup id CD player to Anthem AVM Pre-processor (No DAC) using AZ MC2 digital cable, Anthem to Parasound power amp using AZ Matrix reference. Speaker (Paradigm Studio 60 v.3) are connected by AZ Satori Shotgun.
I want to change the Matrix ICs to Silver ICs. But I am not sure if it will be a step up or give more brightness to the system. Looking for your expert advises. Thanks.
Hi Lake eleven, no the AZ Silver Ref 11 will not sound "bright" but give you more clarity/details,transparency then the Matrix 11's. The Matrix 11's do sound warmer, but that is something they add to the sound, while the Silver reference is much more neutral. I would suggest you experiement with using both in your system, then put all Silver 11's in and see which you like better.
I agree with Teajay. I'm currently doing an extended home audition with the Silver Ref 11 (RCA) to compare to my Matrix 11's (XLR). Whilst my fully balanced amp and phono stage seem to prefer the XLR interconnects which makes comparisons a little loose...the Matrix's have more weight on some music but this is an addition to the music. The Silver refs are more neutral and not at all bright. EG, cymbals have more detail and appear a little more front of stage compared to the Matrix's..but this a more a reflection on the Matrix's personality than the Silver Refs if you get my meaning.
I read on one of the article on the Internet that the best is to combine the matrix and the silver when u have a preamp and amp.
Interesting, Iam looking to get loaner Silver Ref II to try before buy. I have to see if I can get.
i've tried the silver ref 2's and matrix in my system. when compared to the matrix, the ref 2's were more detailed but i found them to be a tad to forward/bright.

as always....this will depend on your set-up and preferences.

love my satori shotguns though.

Wondering how many of the Acoustic Zen silver and matrix users are one, using them with an analog system and two, how many tube systems are using Acoustic Zen cables? I have a tube/tt system and wondering if I should even try the cables??? Thanks
currently using az silver ref II with az hologram 2 biwire for proac d1 and prima luna prologue 2 with shuguang black treasure tubes. source is a cambridge audio 740c.
Horchai, Any reason you chose Hologram II over Satori Shotgun?.
I use Satori Shotgun biwire cables and have used both silver ref II and matrix ref II as well as the original versions in my system. I agree with others that the silver ref II is the more neutral interconnect, but whether that will be to your liking is something you'll have to see for yourself. You will likely hear more clarity, detail, air, space, and quickness along with tighter bass with the silver ref II. There may be a tad less tonal color and weight, but the silver ref IIs are by no means thin or lean sounding on their own. To me the silver ref IIs are a clear step up, but it all depends on your system and tastes as always. Best of luck.