Upgrading to Analog Preamp for 2k


My soon to be 2 channel system will be:

A good CD player (TBD, but likely to be a Rega Planet 200 until the format wars end) -> EAD Ovation -> EAD PowerMaster 2000 -> Revel Ultima Studios, cabling all with Nordost Red Dawn II and some power cords I haven't decided on. All cabling is subject to change, but that isn't the point of this post :)

Its a hard room, with some treatments, and the music is acoutic and jazzy.

I want to change the EAD Ovation for a tubed-pre that will accurately and quickly handle music. Accuracy and spatiality is key, as is reliability. Something good looking would be nice, too. My budget is $2k for either a new or used preamp. No need for a phono stage - yet. Anyone have some suggestions?
There is an Air Tight ATC 3 on here for $2K, I have the next model up, the ATC1 and love it. Clear, liquid and non-fatiguing. I'm sure the sound is very similar, build quality is also excellent, all point to point wired. Good luck!
My vote goes toward the Coplands. I had a CSA 303, went to a Hovland HP100 and went back to a Copland with the CTA 305. The Coplands give me more image body and density while retaining the openess. They look great too. Copland does not get a lot of press over here which is a shame.
JWMAZUR - What do you think of having an integrated phono stage? Did you compare the copland to other preamps available in the used market for about the same price?
The Coplands have the phono stage included. I let my friend borrow it because he has analog and he said it has a nice phono stage.

As far as comparing it to other pre's on the used market, it was a no-brainer. The CTA 305 was on AudiogoN auction for $1000 start. It had no bidders so I contacted the guy and offered him the $1000. It was a demo unit. I have had the Audible Illusions, The Hovland, Spectral, Audio Research, and a few others I forgot. The Copland did all the things I needed it to do without looking back or pining at the thought of not having the latest review rave.