Upgrading the wires of my turntable

I have a Kyocera turntable and I want to upgrade the wiring. Right now it has stock power and interconnects. The ICs doesn't use a DIN. The connections are soldered to a board. I have three one meter ICs here at home I'd like to choose from: Homegrown Silver Lace; Audio Metalurgy GA-O; or Pure Silver Sound Quartets. And since they'll be soldered and not just plugged in, I'd like to use an educated guess to pick the right cable the first time. Any opinions on what might suite a turntable best? It's a Shure M97x cartridge to a Tube Audio Design TAD-150 pre amp.

Also, I'll want to upgrade the tone arm cabling and the power cable. And don't know how to evaluate the choices out there. So any opinions on that would also be great. But I know there's probably more in the forum archives I should read up on for this part.
if your cables are not distressed somehow, a change of cartridge will probably make a bigger difference in sound. I've had an oracle rewired, and though it made me 'feel' like i had updated it somehow, the sonics didn't really change for the better...until i changed the cartridge.
I'm sure I could spend a bunch of money upgrading the cartridge. My budget for audio when I bought the turntable last year was much smaller. Some discussions at audiokarma led me to the Shure. I think I paid a buck and a quarter and thought that was a lot at the time. I know I also need to get it aligned better.
if you go to an audio technica mm...an AT150..you are going to get a level of sound you won't believe with your kyrocera. the audio technica can be found for around 200 to 250 bucks and will compete with lots of cartridges in the over 1k range. the sure is good...the at is friggin great.
Thanks. I'll take a look at the AT150. Sounds reasonable.

So if I rewire the ICs with one of these cables that I already have sitting around here, which would be recommended?
i'm not familiar with the wire, but there is a 'peace of mind' aspect to refurbishing a classic table with new wire....and it certainly won't be a step back.