Upgrading the McCormack UDP-1? Steve?

Could the designer himself tell us:
- what is new in the upgraded version shared with CJ
- if the current UDP-1 can be upgraded
- how much this will cost ballpark and if it will be done factory or dealer
- the benefits
- if the controversial Stereophile measurements have anything to do with the upgrade, despite the fantastic musical performance of the UDP-1.


I recently talked with a McCormack dealer, who told me that because of lack of manpower at McCormack along with backlogs for the new UDP-1 Deluxe version, the upgrades won't be available until April; cost to upgrade shipping directly to factory being $850.00 plus shipping. At this time, I still don't know what the upgrade consists of. I e-mailed Steve a few weeks ago requesting information and received no reply, so I would imagine that he is bogged down with work. I have a UDP-1 that is about 2 years old and the dealer offered to take mine in trade for the new deluxe. The offer was probably a good deal, however, I asked him to give me more details on what the upgrades consist of before I make a firm commitment.