Upgrading the Cary 308T CD player

I decided to audition a CD player within $5000 which is clearly superior than my Cary 308T CD player, and borrowed a new Blue Note (named Blacknote CDP-300) player. The initial impression was very good - a very clear midrange, good dynamics, etc. I even tried to open the lid in order to replace the stock 6922 tubes with vintage tubes, but could not find proper tools for removing the lid.
Yesterday I noticed that the Blacknote player has a strange way of representing baroque and jazz music - the highs are muffled and it lacks articulation and consistency, as if the music is covered with a veil. Back to the Cary - the sound became rounder with crisper highs and firmer bass, though the midrange was muddier (the powercord was VH Audio AirSine). It is very strange, and I am going to investinate it futher.

What player within the $5000 range could you suggest as an upgrade for Cary 308T?

I will appreciate all opinions and comments.
I owned the 308T and I thought it was a definite overachiever for the price. Oddly enough, I also used mine with the Airsine. Anyway, I upgraded to a Resolution Audio Opus 21, with GNSC mods. Where the strengths of the Cary were the bass slam and dynamics, I also felt it could be a bit edgy in the trebles or at higher volumes. Muddiness was never an issue for me. The Opus presents music in a different way. It's much more natural sounding top to bottom, but perhaps lacks some of the bass slam of the Cary. For my listening tastes; however, the Opus wins hands down. On the other hand, if you like the fundamental sound of the Cary, I would suggest looking at the 306 SACD, which is highly regarded in the $5k price range and I'm confident would be a clear step up from the 308T.
Thanks, it is very interesting.
Indirectly, I went from the 308T to the Naim CDX2, which then lead to the addition of the Naim XPSII power supply to the CDX2. Which is where I reside in contentment now.

The Naim is almost the most contrary CDP to the 308T. I liked the 308T but found the Naim to have so much more LIFE to it and within it...

So, if you are really looking for a change, check out Naim. If you are looking to refine and "upgrade" the 308T sound, I don't think I can offer much help....

Have fun with the search!

Thanks, John
FYI, the Cary 306 SACD player has now been replaced by the 306 Professional player. List price has risen to $7500 which is well above your stated price range. I would like to suggest that you consider the hi-end Marantz CD/SACD playersw (e.g. the SA11-S2 and the SA7-S1). I own the SA11-S2 ($3500 new) and it is an excellent player that beat out my former Cary 306 SACD player by a bit. Good luck in your search.