upgrading the analog setup

hi everybody
i’m listening to last joe walsh lp (love the man) and start thinking to upgrade my entire analogue chain.
I’m now a owner of a rega P5, denon 103, lehmann black cube se prephono.

For the cart I’m sure I’ll go with a dynavector 20X2L (loved very well a former 10X5).
That’s the only certainty.
For the TT on my list now there are:

Rega rp8 (2100 euro)
Well Tempered Amadeus (2800 euro + cable rca)
Linn LP12 (which incarnation?)
Technics sl 1200 + pbthals’s arm
sota (my dealer sells them)

and for the pre phono a have no f idea… I heard good things about AVID and the dynavector p75 mkIII but to compensate the solid state integrated I was thinking a tube one..

Any input would be greatly appreciated



ps unfortunately I cannot audition any components but the sota.
Upgraded to a Clearaudio Innovation Wood last year, but ran an old Series III SOTA Star before that. The SOTA was my 1st table, and it made me fall in love with vinyl. I can heartily recommend it, and I'd urge you towards a SOTA table with the 4-point sprung suspension. That means (I believe) a modern Sapphire or a Star or higher (any vintage). I think you can swing that in your price range. My vacuum platter didn't work -- due to the ravages of time on the older silicon lip -- so I have no opinion on its functionality. However, a working vacuum seal may make it an even better table.

I also have local friends who are *very* happy with their AVID and VPI turntables -- I certainly wouldn't mind owning products from either company; they look, feel, and sound like serious hifi. Lovely tables.

Having at least seen in person examples from the other companies, I wouldn't own their products. They look/feel too much like toys, and I'm significantly biased towards very serious/substantial looking tables.
Heard the RP8/20X2l/P75mk3 at a dealer. Played the Patrica Barber Cafe Blue. Was amazing. Played some other stuff as well which was all very good but the PB record was a knockout.