upgrading the analog setup

hi everybody
i�m listening to last joe walsh lp (love the man) and start thinking to upgrade my entire analogue chain.
I�m now a owner of a rega P5, denon 103, lehmann black cube se prephono.

For the cart I�m sure I�ll go with a dynavector 20X2L (loved very well a former 10X5).
That�s the only certainty.
For the TT on my list now there are:

Rega rp8 (2100 euro)
Well Tempered Amadeus (2800 euro + cable rca)
Linn LP12 (which incarnation?)
Technics sl 1200 + pbthals�s arm
sota (my dealer sells them)

and for the pre phono a have no f idea I heard good things about AVID and the dynavector p75 mkIII but to compensate the solid state integrated I was thinking a tube one..

Any input would be greatly appreciated



ps unfortunately I cannot audition any components but the sota.
it depends..I can always upgrade one component at time..anyway for the table I don't want to spend more than 2500 dollars..
Save your cash get TW ACUSTIC the best!!
You might like the Zesto Andros, as far as phono pre goes. George Counnas has yet to produce a product that fails to win product of the year in some category. Saw one on this site used, barely, for $3300. Personally have a BAT but if I were in the market that's what I would but.
Regarding the turntable, have you considered maxing out the P5 with available upgrades? Might be your best bang for the buck for right now while you save for a big jump in turntable and arm.

You could add the PSU (power supply upgrade) as well as a wire upgrade for the arm such as Incognito. I would also change the felt mat to the mat from Herbie audio that is the same thickness as the felt mat so there would not be a VTA issue for the Rega arm. I would also upgrade the weight in the back of the arm.

Finally, would add some isolation with a Symposium svelte shelf if the budget allows or footers from Herbie's audio if the budget is tight.

Hope this helps.
thank you all for your precious advices! please keep it coming!

@Franks: I have the psu, but I'm thinking to follow your suggestion as far as the TT concern, and adding all the groovetracer mods.

ps. I want to upgrade the cart also but I can't decide between the dynavector 20x2 and the AT33 PTG..also can I trust the seller juki on ebay?

thank you for your help!

Rockness87 - the best upgrades I made to my Rega Planar II are
- audiomods classic arm with wire harness - starts at $700 Approx
- SRM/TECH platter - $150

Other DIY tweaks include
- redesigned/built the plynth - now I have isolation finally
- I epoxied the dl103 onto a brass base - huge improvement - $12 :-)

I did put a new motor on it, but the improvements were far less impressive
If you want all the details google "image99 blog"

Good luck