Upgrading Speaker Cables: Wireworld Silver Eclipse or Transparent Audio Ultra?

More than 15 years ago, I bought a set of speaker cables to accompany my then brand new Revel Ultima Studios and Krell FPB amplifiers.  While I continue to adore the sound of my system, I know there have been a lot of advancements in cable technology this century.  Consequently, I believe that a [relatively] low cost upgrade would be a purchase of new speaker cables.  (I have no intent to replace either my speakers or my amplifiers at this time.)  I live in an area that is several hundred miles distant from any high end dealer, so doing a sonic audition of cables is infeasible; moreover, I could not duplicate my combination of other sources, amplifiers, interconnect cables, and power cords -- as well, of course, of my room environment.

All that being said, I have done tons of reading about speaker cables these past few months.  The result of my efforts has been to narrow down my two upgrade choices (both bi-wired) to Transparent Audio's Ultras and Wireworld Cable's Silver Eclipse.  Coincidentally, their respective MSRPs are between $50 of each other.

Ideally, I would love to read responses from other Audiogon members who have actually auditioned one cable against the other.  That is likely to be nigh unto impossible because I have been unable to identify a single dealer who carries both lines.  Consequently, I would be delighted to receive anyone's thoughts about the pluses and minuses of each individual cable.

Many thanks to all who provide their much appreciated insights!
Mr. hifiman5

You don't know me, but you already claim my hearing is impaired. 
Its a gall.
What about you? 
Did you check your hearing and tested good?
I doubt it.

I see you are good with poetry and rubbing snake oil over cables to make them sound better.

Never appeared to you, that those cables have some electrical properties (like resistance), related to the Amps. DF characteristics?
As so, a great deal of improvement can be achieved by methodically calculate and make such a cable, that will really fit the requirements, sound fantastic and cost less than most of the oil snake rubbed cables out there.

This topic has been discussed to death over the 12 years I have been here.  I suggest you guys re-read the old posts. 
@b4icu  You may have misinterpreted my intent.  I am not questioning your hearing acuity.  I am wondering if you would allow yourself to hear differences that do not align with your rather narrow construct based on your education.  Thanks for sharing your perspective!
 b4icu inductance in the voice coil is DF resistance is impedance i am just saying 
I can provide this one bit of information. When I started looking at Transparent cables for my system, my sales guy recommended the Ultra line. I decided that was too expensive, and went with one step down (Super, I think). I didn’t do a comparison. A year and a half later, I decided to listen to the Ultras in my system. I was quite surprised at the improvement. It took about fifteen seconds to realize the Ultras were really, really good. I bought them that day. My sales guy said they thought the Ultras were the sweet spot in the Transparent lineup. After that, there were still improvements to be had, but the prices got pretty steep.