Upgrading speaker cables...

Currently, I have a Cambridge Audio CXR200 that has a bi-amp feature on it. I have 1 channel going to lows, and 1 to highs for each side. So, 2 pairs of cables for each side. 

I'd prolly have to go down the line on the cables if I had to buy 2 sets.... So, would I be better off with 1 set of nice cables with a set of jumpers, or 2 sets of lower down the line cables for them?

Reason I'm looking is, I have cheap cables currently, and was told a nice set of cables may open up my speakers (Wharfedale Reva-4 towers) and make them sound better. 

Thanks for for any help/suggestions! 
If the bi wire posts on your speakers are easily accessible to fiddle with and you can use bare wire (no terminations) then you can leave enough bare wire exposed to reach both terminals. You can alway go back with a length of tubing, size up the exposed bits of wire, cut the tubing to length, slit it on the side, and fit it over the bare, exposed wire.

You'll be surprised at how good it can sound using only one cable. You'll eliminate the plated connectors (comprised of at least two different metals) and the jumper wire itself, which most likely will not be the same as your speaker cables, eliminating a lot of variables. 

It's what I did and the coherence is first rate.

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Thanks for the response, Nonoise... Do you mean strip the banana terminals off one side and split the positive and negative wires to both terminals on the speaker? Im sorry, this is all new to me. 
Cables will not open up your speakers. Higher priced cables just cost more. If you aren’t happy with the sound change your speaker amp or source.
Do not listen to the naysayers, cables make a difference, experiment and judge for yourself.

What I meant is if you have bare ended wires, to try what I suggested. I can’t recommend stripping off cable ends if it’s not in your budget but if you’re of a mind to try, what I suggested is to use the positive cable end to connect to both positive speaker posts and the negative end to their corresponding speaker posts (using just one set of cables, not two).

Both pos and neg speaker binding posts should be directly above each other. Don’t cross them. All you’d be doing is using one cable to reach both of it’s corresponding posts. The length of bare wire needed should be no more than 3 inches to reach both terminals.

Try removing the speaker post caps and see how the eye of the post is oriented, and thread the cable through the bottom post and connect it the same way to the upper post. It makes for a clean and tidy connection. You’re basically threading two needles.

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I agree with Shadorne that fancy cables will not make a difference other than to your bank account, nor wil bi wiring. If they do, there is something wrong with either the cables, the speakers or the amplifier. Fancy cables are just great money makers for the industry, with huge margins. Do make sure the cables are thick enough for the length that you are using.
" If they do, there is something wrong with either the cables, the speakers or the amplifier"
That is just silly talk, experiment and judge for yourself.
Agree with dill

I don’t understand how good audio gear will produce finely detailed sound based on sensitivity to minute changes in the signal yet not be sensitive to differences in the electrical properties of various brands of wire unless "broken".

Again, as dill says, experiment and judge for yourself.

Bi-wiring does improve the sound of my Monitor Audio Silver 8s, and my Vandersteen 2Cs, with my gear, to my ears. YMMV...
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More than 100 feet of wire in your speakers....are you going to rewire the crossover and voice coils of all your drivers too? 

Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds?
Thanks everyone for the responses! 

These are what I have now...

GearIT 12AWG Premium Heavy Duty Braided Speaker Wire (6 Feet) with Dual  Gold Plated Banana Plug Tips - Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) Construction, White.

I got them off Amazon for $15/pair. I bought them because they looked really nice, and were inexpensive. I know my speakers arent great, they're prolly not even good, but would better cables help them or no?
@shadorne  What is "this"?
@dill is right. The key is how resolving your system is which will dictate how much difference you hear.
No. Your existing cables are fine. Save your money. Your speakers are excellent.
Back to the original question; you are better with one better set with jumpers than two pairs of a lesser cables. Just use what you have for now and make some simple jumpers of your own with some decent cable which should outperform the cheap jumper strips that come with most speakers; if you don’t hear the difference with this first simple test then likely your system/speakers are not revealing enough that tweaks are very noticeable but probably sounds very musical nonetheless. Not everyone has great hearing or knows how to listen or what to listen for; for many of us it takes years to learn how listen to hear the differences between cables and tweaks. If you do hear the difference between making your own jumpers then experiment with some better cables but be smart on what you spend. You can find a lot of nice cables used or have some fun building your own - VH Audio is one of several places to buy bulk cable. As several have said here, you have to listen with your own ears and not too much to us. Have fun, good luck and Tweak away. More importantly enjoy the music.
"...... you are better with one better set with jumpers than two pairs of a lesser cables...."

+1 ....Nailed it!

That is the best advice you will ever get in this thread...,full stop.

Wow some of these answers are crazy. Speaker cables and interconnects are important to your system. It's like saying different tubes do not make a difference. Cables are important but they have to match your system. I am a Magnepan owner and certain cables do not work well with them. I did a demo with Transparent and Nordost, both fine cables but one made my system anemic and the other was a little to thin in the bass. I ended up choosing Tara Labs and they made everything come together. If you don't think cables matter then go buy some radio shack brand and see how your components and speakers sound.


I am of the ’fancy speaker cables "PROBABLY" will not do much for your setup". camp.
I own well over $65,000 worth of stereo. I use $120 a pair speaker cables.(well, toss in a 4 set of WBT for an added $100 LOL for those curious: Kimber 8TC)
AND I have used just as good eBay MilSpec 12 gauge Teflon silver plated wire. For years.
On the other hand I do own $7,000 worth of IC in five cables.
So I have been around the campfire a long time. And have seen a lot of noise.

The op speakers are retail $2,000 for the pair, 10% of that is $200.
And I would say for someone unsure of what to do, Spending no more than $200. is the goal.
PS how LONG do your speaker cables need to be?

Also, the cable for the low frequency driver can be cheaper than the mids/high one.
I personally would suggest buying a pair of Kimber 4VS for the low driver. And a pair of 4TC for the mid.highs.
You probably can find a 4TC used. Not as likely a 4VS used.
A used 4TC and a new 4VS should be around/under $200.

Even buying basic good wire, oxygen free and just using two pairs of that might also do as well.

@elizabeth - you said 65k on your system but I find it hard to believe you would use a pair $125 speaker cable. Do you do 2 channel audio or is your 65k home theater? I have 15k Magnepans and roughly 25k in components and my cables including interconnects and speaker cable cost 14k. Not including power cords.  It just doesn’t make sense and I’m from the world that if it doesn’t make sense it ain’t true. No disrespect.

I've experimented with numerous cables and have come to the conclusion that ICs can make a huge difference, but properly sized speaker cables not so much, if any. 

I Introduced Kimber to one of our local brick and mortar shops back in the 80’s and they still carry them today. I’ve owned both the 4tc and 8tc and good cables but there’s so much better out there and one doesn’t have to spend a lot to hear it. Took in a set of Clear Day Cables double shotguns for them to listen to, which almost every system they have on the floor has 4tc and the Clear Days destroyed them and one of the employees there has gone to Clear Days at home and a couple other employees have pitched Clear Days to many regulars that hang out there who have purchased many from Paul. No one there thought the Kimbers were even close and one person there admitted that cables don’t make a difference... well now he does. Blows my mind a shop pushes something and has bought the product they can’t carry. I really like Kimber and know they have a great product line as I’ve owned and still own some. Someone with a system getting up there of the price of nice luxury car should look into Ray Kimbers better cables, I think.... bet Ray would say the same.

As far as what one should spend on cables based on their system really depends on the quality of components. The OP equipment is fine and no doubt better cables are going to improve their system, but yes do not go out and spend $2,000 plus on a pair of speaker cables. My speaker cables are around 21% of the cost of my speakers, CD player with IC and PC is almost 100% and my player shines with my cables and I believe it would improve with cables costing more than the player. My amp I’m around 33% with IC and PC. Dedicated circuits and receptacles will only help and really required when the cost of a system goes up and becomes more revealing or you get to a point you’re just throwing money out the window.
Well OP you got every answer possible--they won't make a difference, they may make a difference, and they will definitely make a difference. FWIW it is a hobby...spend a little money and see what your ears tell you. No one else posting here is going to live with your system.
BTW I agree with adg101 and akg_ca: better cables with jumpers rather than two sets of lesser cables. YMMV--as you can see from all the different opinions.
Elizabeth, the cables only need to be 6'.

Astewart, yeh, I sure did... It's like being on one of my watch forums, lol. 

Im gonna bite the bullet and get a set for $2-300 and a jumper. 

Thank you again, everyone. 
I’ve owned both the 4tc and 8tc and good cables but there’s so much better out there and one doesn’t have to spend a lot to hear it.

+1 @adg101
All other things being equal, the longer the cables the more important the quality/gauge. I wouldn't sweat too much for 6' cables. Any good 12awg copper cable should suffice. 
I am worried that your gearit cables are a copper/aluminium alloy, and that the connectors are brass or something..
In which case a new set would be beneficial?

I am in the process of finding a new set with the assistance of a very kind AG member. 

If anyone sees a set, pls feel free to lmk. 
belden 5000ue 12awg (true 12awg). PE insulation and OFC copper, twisted for low inductance.
Cheap and way overkill for a 6ft length - it would be pretty much like no cable at all.

I've fooled around with cables, and unlike most here, I actually dug into some theory and built my own. Nobody listening to $2000 speakers is hearing the plating on their cables terminations or jumpers. I doubt anybody listening to $20,000 is. The difference between an exotic cable an a piece of 12g is so miniscule that it's virtually impreceptible unless you're A/B comparing them on left/right channels. If the difference is more significant than that, then it's safe to say they're  highly reactive and coloring the sound. 
Maybe when I've got more money to burn I'll experiment more with cables. They're certainly not the tools I use to fine tune my sound. 
To those who say cables do not make difference in the system: its is because your system is not good enough. E.g. If you put an Odin cable in a system of $5k, you would not hear the difference but in a system of $50k, it would be much noticeable.