Upgrading Rotel RCD-1072

I'm looking into upgrading my CDP in the near future and am looking for some opinions/advice. I'm looking in the 1 - 1.5K range, used. My speaker/amp combo is Merlin TSM-MMe and Cary SLI-80 F1 all triode.

I listen to basically everything under the sun with the exception of Country music. Mostly acoustic jazz, singer/songwriter, and prog rock. I'm mainly looking for musicality so no need for dry, over analytical players.

I am looking at a Rega or a Cary CDP but am open to more suggestions. Also, would the difference in sound be substantial or more subtle? Thanks in advance!
I have a Cary CDP-1 that I like a lot.It's basically the solid state section of the 303/300.It has lots of nice features you can check out on the Cary website.I use mine with a Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum tube integrated.I don't see how you could go wrong using any Cary cdplayer with your SLI-80.Good luck.
Better chances of synergy with Cary imo.
I upgraded from a Rotel 1072 to a Musical Fidelity A5. There was a small improvement in the soundstage.
Have you considered buying a dac for the Rotel? Might be a better bang for the buck...
I have definitely considered purchasing a DAC and using the Rotel as a transport. I am just not sure if that is the best idea.

I am all ears. I just do not want to spend a lot of money on something that will only have a very subtle difference in sound. I can stretch my budget to 2K but need to have the sonic difference worth the money spent.
I am in the same boat as you - upgrading a RCD-1072. I have auditioned the Rega Saturn (because of rebate/trade-in - dealer will sell for $1550 with trade in) and a Bryston BCD-1 (very nice, dealer will sell for $2100 w/trade-in). The Rotel is a tough cookie to beat w/o dropping some dinero. I have also contmeplated a DAC but I am a one-box kind of phile when it comes to digital.
So I guess the answer is that, within my budget, there really won't be any substantial improvement? Thanks for saving me money, LOL. ;)
Miner, how did you like the Rega compared to the RCD-1072? Also, have you auditioned the Cambridge Audio 840C?
I went from a 1072 to a Linn Majik. I agree that "The Rotel is a tough cookie to beat w/o dropping some dinero". There is one on Audiogon ("never used") for 1.8k from an authorized dealer.

I'm happy with the change, but no doubt the 1072 is a great player.
Yea...The Rega Saturn and some Cary's sounds nice but since its already a warm player, note sure how it would synergize with a tube amp. I dont want TOO much warmth. Thus, I am being swayed toward the direction of the 840C.

Sometimes I wish their werent so many options to choose from these days. :)
I am also on the same boat as you (seems the Rotel is a freight cargo boat LOL), I am arranging a whole new system with a digital amp, and I am looking to upgrade my trusty source (1072). My first option was to get a very good DAC since I also want it with my Squeezebox, started looking at the Dacmagic but slowly made my way to a $1000 budget (benchmark 1, wyred dac1, etc). On the other hand, I also find the 840C a great option, since it seems to combine a nice player, and a great DAC that I could use for my squeezebox. I just cant figure whether the Rotel + good dac will be any better than a 840C.

Also looking for warm sound, I plan on tweaking with a tube buffer in between.....
I also own a RCD-1072 and think it's an amazing cd player especially for the coin. I have listened to the tube cary model and cannot say enough good things about it if your ready to spend much more on a better sounding cd player. I was looking at getting the audio research CD7 until I realized a good vinyl section could be put together for the same amount. Couldn't be happier!

Good luck