upgrading Rogue 88 vs monoblocks

I've been running a Rogue 88/99 combo(non-Magnum)versions.
I have the upgrade bug and want to know if anyone has compared the 88 Magnum vs the 120 monoblocks. How would you describe the difference and how would I benefit compared to the non-Magnum 88 ? Thanks in advance.
I was told (by someone at Rogue) that the magnuming of the 88 is the least valuable of the magnums. Plus the extra power has to help. My 88 definately pooped out when really pushed.
I heard a big difference when I upgraded my 88's. Plus you get new tubes. Well worth the money IMO.

I then upgraded to Magnum 120's and I preferred the high end (less forward and from 'blacker' background) and better separation.

Still not enough power for my Maggie 1.6's though.
As far as I heard,
Magnumizing may rise reliability issues.
I also run the Magnum 88 , 99 combo. I am not sure about the non - magnum version but I will tell you this. If you upgrade to the 120. You won't have to take the friggen cover off of the amp to make any changes. And you also won't have the friggen fan to deal with. What a stupid design!!
Bigo, the answer depends on your speakers...

If you need the power, your should move up to the 120s. Otherwise, the improved sonics of the Magnum Series is the way to go.

As an example, in speaking to Mark O'Brien about my Coincidents, he told me also has a pair from of Coincidents(different model). He told me the speakers are efficient to the point of the 88 being overkill. The man actually pleaded with me not to waste my money on the monoblocks. That's another reason I root so hard for Rogue.

In this type of situation, opt for the Magnum, and spend some time speaking with him. He would probably work with you to increase performance even to a greater degree.

However, if your speakers need more power, go for the 120 monos, and upgrade later if they aren't Magnums.
I have Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod speakers and a CAL 10 CD player. Using DH labs (B-10?) cables and a DH labs interconnect.

The speakers efficiency is around 89-90 I believe. I like the 88 but want to try to increase separation, define the sound stage a bit more and add some punch to lower midrange and bass. I thought the monoblocks could do that but was not sure about the Magnum 88. I have spoken with Mark O'Brien about other ideas but not this one. I will plan to contact him. He is a great guy and very responsive to Rogue customers.