Upgrading recommendations

I'm fairly new to the hifi world...I'm trying to get the most out of my set up.

I currently have the following:

Roksan Radius 5 w/Nima Tonearm
Xerxes Phonocable
Transfiguration Axia cartridge
Cambridge Azur 640p phono preamp
Rotel RA-1070 integrated
Monitor Rx6
Chord Silverscreen speaker cables

I'm thinking the obvious would be a new phono preamp.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...especially specific products that would mesh well with the various pieces.

You have a really nice front end. I agree, the phono stage should get upgraded first. If it were me, I would put the Jolida phono stage at the top of your list. Then consider upgrading the tubes in the Jolida.
Thanks for the input. I was considering Jolida in addition to Lehmann and Leema.
I owned a Musical Surroundings phono stage I purchased used for $300-it was very good too.
Agree the phono stage could use some attention.

However I suspect the Rotel with MA Speakers would be pretty lean/bright. Personally I'd reconsider the Rotel, than maybe explore phono pre's to best match that setup.

Think an amp change would make the most difference.
Any specific models in mind?
You might look at some of the British integrated amps. Exposure 2010s2, Naim 5i, Creek 5350 are a few good ones. It will depend on your preferences, but any of these will be a big step up from the Rotel. The Simaudio Moon i1/250 is also a very good choice. All are priced below $2k new.
Yes-Rotel is a bit lean. I like all the amps Meiwan suggests. IMO NAD and Cambridge will sound better than the Rotel too.