Upgrading Proceed Amp 5 to Cary Cinema 5????

I hear great reviews from a lot of people on this site about the Cary Cinema 5 but is it worth up grading to the Cary Cinema 5 from my Proceed Amp 5? I'm just maybe getting the up grade bug.
I have a Krell Showcase Pre/Pro. Usher Tiny Dancers for the mains and the matching center, 2 channel is my first love then movies.
I doubt it would be an upgrade. You might instead consider upgrading the pre/pro, depending on how important music is to you.

Proceed amps are *very* good. This is a lateral move at best. Replace the speakers if you really want to upgrade your sound...

What Pre/Pro would you recommend? I just bought the Showcase used and liked it way better than the ADA I had, especially in 2 channel.
It depends on how important HDMI and lossless codecs are to you. From what I understand the Krell is great for HT, not so good for music. A good choice for sound quality might be a Proceed PAV/PDSD, but you wont get HDMI nor the latest processing. There are excellent expensive choices like the Classe CT-SSP. I went with a Cary Cinema 11a for its sound quality, HDMI, and latest processing, but they are buggy -- even the manual suggests not using its automated room correction.

I'm not at all familiar with your speakers, and that may be the place to start as RW suggests.

Thanks for the info. HMDI isn't important to me neither is any video switching. I'm eye balling a Bryston PS 2 right now so I can can run analog through from my Oppo 95. I thought about the Meridian G68 but I don't know if I want to go digital.
I still enjoy the sound of my ultracheap, wasn't so 10 years ago, PAV/PDSD. I run the signal thru toslink. I am still peeved about the future-proof guarantee but then again, it has been future proof because it still sounds GREAT! I think HDMI has been a hosejob to older investments and I refuse to get an upgrade while my toslink works. Pick one up on ebay and you may be surprised. I use a Carver 806 and I like the sound. That is the bottom line, how you like it.