upgrading pre phono and cart

hi everyone!
my dyna 10x5 has now gone.
Looking for a replacement/upgrade.
Now my analog gear is basically formed by Rega P5 with psu and Lehmann Black Cube SE (the one with external psu) pre phono. I was thinking to sell the Lehmann and buy a Dynavector p75 MKIII and 20x2L cart, due to their renowned synergy. But at same time I fear this could be a side-move and not an upgrade (particoulary the pre phonos switch). If this is the case, which MC can gime me deep and punchy bass but at the same time smooth and relaxed midrange (and eventuly working well with the lehmann black cube)? Budget $800 for the cart.

Pity where I live there's no shop where I can audition analog staff as cartridges etc

Any advice is more than welcome!
You really can't go wrong with the upgrade. I had the 10x5 and thought it was great. I upgraded to the p75/20low output combo and found it to be a big improvement. There's nothing sideways about it.

If you don't have any local dealers, try The Cable Company. I'm sure they have some stuff they can send you to demo.
thank you for your feedback zd542!

anyone else?