UPgrading power cord for Audioprism Foundation III

Can any of you suggest a power cord upgrade you have experience with in regards to link from an Audioprism Foundation III to wall outlet. The female end takes a horizontal blade 3 prong. I can't decide on whether to go with a very heavy duty cord like the PS audio LAB or something with a lighter gauge like those used for preamps or source equipment. All outlets on the conditioner are full and I'm running 2 amps into it and 4 source pieces. THanks in advance. Dave.
Dave, I'm not sure what your system is, so I will only comment on my system and experience here.

I had a TREMENDOUS upgrade going from the stock AudioPrism cord to a 20amp (female end) to 15amp male end Tg Audio SLVR! Huge upgrade to my entire system. Every component is upgraded. I would do this before adding/upgrading any other cords in your system. For me it was huge. Also, think about replacing the wall outlet to a 20amp outlet as well. I used a Acme audio 20amp cryoed - again the whole system benifits - bigtime. Better than upgrading some components here.

For my Foundation III, I switched to a 1 Meter PS Audio LABII cable, 20 amp IEC of course, and found the results quite nice.