Upgrading - Pls Suggest Speakers to Review

I have been reviewing speakers for my system that consists of the following:

SME 30/Graham Phantom/Koetsu RSP
Manley Steelhead
Reimyo CDP-777
Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi/302
Synergistic Cables
Revel Studio
Music tastes are primarily acoustic jazz and vocals of various types
Room size is 23 x 18

So far I have heard:

- Wilson Maxx II and WP7 - Too dry for my musical tastes
- Avalon Vision/Diamond - Nice, but not sure if they would work well with solid state, though
- Wilson Benesch Chimera - Nice, but a little "light" and thin sounding in my system,
- Sonus Faber - New Amati and Stradivari - Very musical; good speaker; Amati did not have enough low end though
- Piega C-10 ltd - Better than I had expected
- JM Labs Utopia Be (can't remember the model) : hard to tell as the room was awful

Question to all:

What other speakers should I audition/am I missing? I've owned a variety of planar speakers in the past and am not sure I want to go back there based on sheer size/width. Others that I would like to review so far include:

Von Schweikert VR-7SE
Line arrays of some type

All input is most appreciated

Check out the Kharmas,Selah Audio produces line-arrays around the Fontec tweeters/Dayton aluminum Reference drivers.The Talon Raptor or Jena Labs Reference monitors,VSA 9/11/15.
Anything you specifically dislike about the Salons? They're nice spkrs AFAI remember...

Anyway, back to other spkrs:

*Genesis (new V & up). You'll probably like these.
*new Piega 10 (I liked those; so did you)
*Avalon Eidolon? Can't see why they'd dislike the Rowland. You'll probably like these too.
*JM lab: I've heard them play well with a Rowland (the bigger model whatever it's called). BUT the Utopia line (that has some bass extension) will probably dominate yr room.

Really, there are many good and expensive speakers out there -- especially my own, which are the best, of course:^)

Any pointers to steer us in the right direction?
In that price range you may want to consider the Intuitive Design Denali's at $65K. I own the Intuitive Design Summits, and they are phenomenal. My room is a little smaller, but not that much. The Summits have very good bass, but do roll off around 40 hertz, so I have them supplemented with a Rel Storm 3. But to give you an idea of their low end output, I've got the Rel crossover set at 27 hertz to avoid overwhelming bass.

I wrote a review about the Summits. If the Denalis are as much better than they are as the price suggests (Summits are about 3500, stands about 1500, total ~5k, plus Stillpoints), then they must be breathtaking. The Denali speakers are said to have great dynamic range and phenomenal soundstaging. If spending that kind of money, I'd certainly give them a listen.
Of course, the upper echelon Kharmas are a must listen in that price range as well.

If you like the Stradivari and are willing to come down in price a little. I would recomend you give the new B&W diamond series a listen particularly the 802D (for your room size) a listen. But then again I am a biased B&W owner.

Green Mountain Audio is soon releasing a speaker called The Pico Executive. Roy tells me this speaker is "amazing" I have never been able to prove Roy wrong. They will retail for $5K/pair, which seems like they would in a lower end league than the ones you have listened to. Far from it. WELL worth a listen if you have a dealer near you. Or call Roy at (719) 636-2500
I've heard good things about the revamped B&Ws,especially their 6db/octave crossover-more natural.
Tough call - you have tried some of the best. Maybe give Talon Firebirds', Legacy Audio Helix - whisper - or focus 20/20, Rockport's. Pipedream speaks by Nearfield Acoustics or Wisdom Audio may have something that will work for you.

How about the Amati's with a sub???? REL, Wilson, M-Logan.

You may want to consider any of the above and try different equip. with them. Preamps can really add or subtract a lot. Couple that with different cables and shazam. It could be your missing link.
You owe yourself a listen to the Vandersteen line. I suggest you find someone with a stable 5A room to go listen to. You'll probably like them quite a bit given your remarks above.
Good luck!
The Wisdom hi-freqs are not that extended.The speaker is better on transients,then on decay-thus more instrument and less acoutic cues.IMHO.If Talon-check out the Raptor.
Eggleston Andra II's or Savoys sound great with Jazz. They need power though.
I'd second the Legacy Whispers suggestion - great for all types of music, especially jazz and vocals.
Have you had a chance to do any listening to anything yet?
Have you thought about Tyler Acoustics? Great speakers at any price, but a fantastic bargain at what he charges. Very nice guy to deal with also. You can check his site, to see if there is anyone in your area who owns them. Owners sign up to do home demos. Nice guy too. My two cents.
Harbeth Monitor 40, Energy Veritas 2.4se.