Upgrading phono stage

Hello all,

I have a modest system that I have been adding and changing in small increments. I am using a Rogue Audio Sphinx V2. I love the sound of this integrated especially for the money. I am wondering how much I have to spend on a seperate phono stage to get a marked improvement from the built in. I have read that many think the built in phono stage for the Sphinx is quite good. I have zero experience with outboard phono stages. The prices are all over the place and I would like to spend under a $1000 but if that is not enough to make a big change then I will wait and go bigger in the future. I am using a Ortofon 2M Blue at the moment.

Thank you
I was in this position just recently. I have a Yamaha AS2100 and wanted to upgrade the phono stage. My TT is a VPI Prime with a VDH Special MC cartridge and my budget was $1000. After many suggestions, I purchased a slightly used Musical Fidelity Nu Vinyl phono amp for  $1300. I love it, and it has made a big difference in SQ. My advice is to upgrade the cartridge first, then think about the phono pre amp. When you get the pre amp, look for late model used and buy a versatile unit that will take more than one cartridge.
Not sure about the advice about separates.....you do not need to have a separate power amp and preamp to enjoy the benefit of an outboard phono preamp, I have never before heard that kind of advice.
If I were you, I’d keep your Rogue v2, its very nice. However, I would advise you to go with a tubed phono stage, such as a Tavish design or the pro-ject tube box ds2. As far as cartridges, you mention that you are thinking about the 2m bronze. I say go for it! It is a fantastic cartridge and will pair nicely with either of the phono stages aforementioned. I speak from experience of ownership of all the above. Another great choice would be the Hana EL or EH, if you want to dabble in moving coils. You won’t do much better than the 2m bronze or the Hana’s for the money, no way. Someone also mentioned to upgrade your turntable...but I cannot see how that advice is given if you did not mention what turntable you have.
The PH-16 from Tubes4Hifi is great and, assembled, it is just under $1,000. I would recommend the capacitor upgrades.
IMO I would use that money to upgrade the current product with the phono stage.  Simple upgrade with be caps, resistors and adding an AC filter choke.

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I use the EAT Petit Glow, maybe a little rich for what you are looking for, $1300. It is hybrid with 2 tubes and all the adjustments you could look for. Works well with MC and MM and can be adjusted on the fly to see what sounds best with your cartridge.