upgrading Pass x250 to Pass xa60.5

hi all

will an upgrade of my Pass X250 amp to a pair of Pass XA60.5 is more of the same (I'm enough with 60w class A of power) or a totally different league ?
totally different league. The X250 will probably play louder but the XA60.5 will sound much better. If you have a X250.5 not a X250.5 you will have two jumps in quality of sound!
I just did this exact move and am loving the XA60.5s! Both amps do great with my CLS IIz's but the XA60.5s sound smoother, but still has authority!

My room is 10' x 18'

Good Luck!
Just FYI - XA-60.5 puts down almost the same power as X-250. The '60' model number refers to Class A power ONLY. After reachig 60W, XA-60.5 goes in class A/B and is as powerful as X-250. See Stereophile measurements for details.