Upgrading Pass Labs X2.5 to new XP-10 Preamp.

I'm considering upgrading my PASS X2.5 Preamp. to the new XP-10. Has anyone made this upgrade? Would it be more cost effective to upgrade into the X1? Would the sonic differences between the X2.5 and X1 be negligible in my System?

Krell SACD Standard MKII
PASS X250.5
Wilson Audio Sophia

You need to listen to a X350.5 , in your system. Much better sounding amp than the X250.5 The Xp10 Preamp is the hot ticket for the money .
Jebsmith73: The Sophias are quite efficient, with most of my listening the X250.5 is in Class A mode (meter steady). I'm leaning more towards upgrading into a PASS XA.5 Amplifier(s), in the future. This System is very powerful, detailed and smooth, with excellent micro-dynamics/low-level detail.
I don't think the 2.5 to X1 would be a huge upgrade from everything i've heard.

Have not heard the XP10, but i read its better than a Pass X0.2, so that speaks volumes.
For me the Pass line in preamps had no attraction,until I heard the XP10..I say go for it..oh,IMO the 250.5 sounds better than the 350.5 but I own neither