Upgrading my PV-15

I am looking to upgrade my tube preamp. Recently sold my CJ PV-15. Looking to upgrade with a budget of about $2500.00. In speaking to a very knowledgeable dealer he suggested the CJ CT-5 citing some of the drawbacks of previous CJ models namely lack of deatil apparently being adresseed with some system enhancements which include better caps. I am in agreement with this point. As a interim solution I am using my Integra DTC-9.8, which previously was used with the PV-15 in HT bypass mode. With this prepro I am hearing more detail but it is also much more harsh and really not tolerable long term. So I guess i am at the classic crossrroads: tube vs ss. I have seen some great reviews on the CJ Premier series, but the pricing is all over the place. Any info or product recommendations are greatly appreciated except for McIntosh(but that's another story :) I do have a requirement for a HT bypass. My system is:

Rega P5 w/ Benz Micro cart
Consonance PM-6 phono stage
Consonance SACD player
Rogue MB-150
B&K 200.7
Integra DTC-9.8 Processor for HT
Von Schweikert VR-4 JR MKII bi amped with the Rogues to the M/T and the B&K to the woofer module.

Most of my listening is Jazz vinly.


I would buy a used CJ Premier LS17 (series II if you can afford it) or, buy a PV 14L and have Bob Backert modify it.
Here is his website:


Do a search for Bob Backert here and on AA to see user comments.

Good luck.
If you liked your PV-15 for the mids but looking for more details, more dynamics and punch, you should try a used VTL 5.5.

Had a PV-14 LS2. When I tried the VTL in my system, I felt confortable with the similar sound signature but was very impressed with the extras.

I would consider a used CAT pre, or VTL. Other option would be to buy back your PV15 and have it upgraded with better parts. If you are listening to Vinyl, you need to Vishay the whole signal path in the phono stage to really hear the LPs regardless of the make of pre amp.

s/h cj prem 16 if you can afford it - it will blow you away with its all round musicality and IMO sounds better than the CT5.
s/h prem14 if you can't afford prem 16.

I second Johnss recomendation of the CAT preamp. Look for a SL1 mkIII or SL1 Ultimate mk 1 or 2. I upgraded from a CJ PV11 and Audible Illusions Modulus 3A to the CAT SL1 Ultimate 10 years ago and never looked back. It was a major improvement in every way.