Upgrading my Niagara 1000 with a higher quality power cord?

Hello Niagara 1000, owner's,   is it possible just by upgrading my power cord I could achieve some amazing sonic improvements with my Niagara 1000, I am using a Audioquest, NRG Z I know it's not that  great. Any suggestions would be appreciated or should I just look into getting a whole new PC conditioner?? and sell my Niagara


the nrg are not particularly advanced you will hear a difference upgrading to a storm series cablr the huurricane is very good

we tested the  niagra 7000 vs a few other conditioners we ended up returning it the audio magic conditioners sounded substantially better

please call our shop we have tested most of the units on the market

we sell isotek, clarus, audio magic and audience

Dave and troy

Audio intellect NJ



The Cable Co. will lend you cables to try for yourself. This way one can make an informed decision for themselves and yes, it will make an improvement as one ascends the AQ power cable line.