Upgrading my NAD C340.

I have an NAD C340 driving a pair of silverline SR17s[89db] and am looking to upgrade the amp. I have a budget of $1500 and would appreciate suggestions.

Thanks, Steve.
You should try the Musical Fidelity A3 or A300 integrated amps. They are quite impressive for the price.
The Musical Fidelity amps are beautiful. I would opt for the A300 given your budget ($1500 new and can sometimes be foun for $1000-$1100 slightly used), it is a wonderful sounding integrated amp and a real step up from the A3 integrated.
You might try to find a used Sim Moon I-5. I replaced my Acurus seperates (A-150 & RL-11) driving Hales Rev3s and have been quite happy. I do have a C340 in my office and love it as well.
One of the Antique Sound Labs in this price range would be excellent.